Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who is the Hero?

Suhasini has also been tamed. A woman's place is in the kitchen, what has she got to do with talking about society or expressing her opinions?.Above all she is not supposed to say anything against the macho super hero's. Supreme star sarath kumar is the great achiever, he with other hero's showed all their Macho power to make the helpless suhasini, bow. Sarath kumar the General Secretary of the South Indian Artist Association had sent a letter to Suhasini seeking an explanation for her defense of Kushboo.IT seems Suhasini sent an SMS to him through her mobile, in which she stated that if the association took any action against her, it should have to face the consequences. Supreme star sarath kumar's got angry and he showed his anger by making his fan's association burn suhasini's effigies.They put more pressure on suhasini through the various film association's.suhasini has now expressed her regret on her comments and has sent a letter of apology to the Association.Iam getting goose bumps, Sharath kumar, Wow what a HERO.Now suhasini will be sent back to do what a tamil male expects from her, go to kitchen and make sambhar and rasam.What can i say about sharath kumar.Sir, I greatly admire your efforts to preserve the morality of tamilians and the sanctity of womenhood in general.By the way how is Nagma??.

And it seems the other moral police personals of tamil nadu the PMK and Dalit Panther activists chased suhasini with broom sticks and chapels to make her know her place in the society.PMK/DP guys, Do u have any idea what this womens reservation bill is??.They say it will be lot more helpful to women.

I was wondering, usually in tamil movie when the heroine is in trouble there is always a hero, who will appear from no where to rescue her.We have seen it many movies, even in kushboo and suhasini starrer movies.But why is that none of the tamil hero's are voicing there support for these heroines. The hero's seemed to have become audiences here.

Where is vijayakanth?.the film association president seemed to be hiding in a hole, he has become a full time politician , he has made sharath handle everything so that his political image wont be affected.

What is the 'Thalaivar' doing?.Seems rajini is busy giving interview in chapels, torn shirts and veshti so that the reporter will write how a simple guy he is and offcourse he is praying to baba so that all the problems in the society will be alleviated.

what's up with the Intellectual, the guy who suddenly became a communist, when his movie 'anbe sivam' was about to be released.During that time he attended meeting in kerala/TN to talk against USA's iraqi invasion.Psst...Comrade kamal, Talking about oppression that was happening 1000 of miles away from our country is fine.why not talk about the oppression that is happening right here in Tamil Nadu??.That too to your collegue and relative.

Iam pissed off and wanted to vent out my thoughts. hence this hard hitting post. Seriously its a shame that no body has the balls to stand up and talk against this ganging up of some MCP's.How come the artists, the great thinkers who make path breaking movies, can't even talk and convince their own association people.An artist is supposed to be more free thinking and expressive, but in TN it is completely topsy turvy.The actors here are the most fundamentalist people. When it is joining the gang to protest against cauvery issue or something everybody is ready to do it even if they don’t want to.But when it comes to controversial opinions, you wont see anybody even though many feel what is happening is wrong. What is the point when they take powerful movies depicting powerful characters sending messages to the society to change, but they are spineless when it comes to reality?.

These things have made me apreciate Govind nihalani's movie Party more.There is one character in the movie which argues that a creator can have two moral standings. one as an artist and other as a human being.But another character argues that, an artists moral standing and the human being's moral standing should meet at some place otherwise his work is not TRUE.what can you say about the creators/artists of TN.Bunch of hypocrites.

Sania mirza has sent out message on Safe sex in new delhi.But poor kushboo case in Tamil Nadu is different.One silver line in the dark clouds, Karthick Narayin lends his support to kushboo

Karthick Naryain supports kushboo

Suhasini incident

Sen ,
Kamal and Rajni cannot comment out now .If Rajni/Kamal makes any statement now ,things will become very very bad .Any statement now will be blown out of proprtion now and it will only add fuel to fire .

Only person who can make any statement will be Jayalalithaa
If Rajni ,say supports Kusbhoo's rights for FOE ( freedom of Expression) ,this is how media will report..

Kusbhoo encourages Pre-marital Sex
Rajni Supports Kusbhoo
Rajni encourages pre-Marital sex ..

If kusboo had said just to use condoms for safe sex ,there would have been no issues .She crossed her limits to say that no intelligent man should expect a virgin wife - that is sure to stir some controversy .Esp in TN where there is so much craze for artists ,she should have watched her word .A common man's mind is definetely affected by whats happening in the media
everywhere you have to watch out for what you say ;) people are ready to hit below the belt to prove a point.

Its shame, TN people have been hijacked by these fundies.

Again,good post senthil
thats all we can do at this point of time.
media just needs some news to make a big business... and its ridiculous that all the politicians and media people just read between the lines (probably don't read and just protest)... its better this dies off in a week without more people getting involved...
I agree with you on this. We need to speak our minds, keeping restraint is not the solution. That is the reason why many things in our country go unchecked, including people who claim to be god or who claim they can "cure" diseases in the blink of an eyes (yesu varugiraar). There is no bigger sin than sitting out and being a silent observer. I agree on your lashing out on all the film personalities and this includes Kamal. I think he should have spoken up.
You hit the nail on the head! couldnt agree more.
For once, i agree with you w.r.t Kamal. That said, there might be valid reasons for them not to voice their stand, particularly at this point of time. Also, forget the others, even Mani Ratnam hasn't said anything. Perhaps, there is more to it than meets the eye.

BTW, dear bloggers,
any idea of the possibilitiy to emigrate to Afghanistan or a Taliban province inside Afghanistan? I mean, the visa formalities, embassy issues etc.. Please let me know....
Just one simple point Sen: If tomorrow Sachin comes out to say that if you've got to fix a match, do it but then don't get out in such a poor fashion that the entire nation realizes this., I'll hate him despite the fact that there's noone in the world I respect more. I'd have felt so even if he'd done that in Azhar's days when even idiots like Chopra were doing it, and he had a right to believe that everyone does it (like Khushboo assumes that every lady does go for pre-marital sex!). So, I believe, Khushboo gives me a reason to dislike her; even hate her to an extent. You cannot ignore the fact that she is no ordinary girl, she is a celebrity instead. Even if Sachin doesn't fix a match, he cannot say what I mentioned above for he must take responsibility for what people have made him. I'm glad he does and his public behavious is exemplary.

Now, by all means my hatred might even go upto the extent of wanting to harm her. It depends on what I am. If I am a single guy hunting girls, I am happy she said it. But if I am a father with a young daughter, it might infuriate me. IS that wrong? No way! Fair enough till now. But thats it! I love Sachin and I hate Ganguly. Just as I love Manoj Bajpai and I hate SRK. But still, I'll never support any effort to attack Khushboo, Never! I might want her dead by all means, but I'll never support anyone murdering her, to the extent that I'll do anything to protect her, similar to what Voltaire said. So what do I do? Nothing! Simply nothing! Do I care for what Khushboo says? Hell no! Do I care for what Ganguly says? No! Do I care for what media says or reports about them? No! But do I think Khushboo is right? No! She is not! Like Ganguly, she deserves what she gets. But are the people right in attacking her? No! She has a right to that! Are people justified in cracking jokes of relative analogy between Maggie and Ganguly? No! He deserves more better treatment!

-- Akshaya
Hey! I remember reading Rajinikanths' support to Kushboo in a Tamil weekly on web!
One does not have to say that there is nothing wrong in what kushboo said.All they have to do is to say what the PMK/DP are doing is wrong.And if we are not ready to talk anything new that what that is the accepted norms of the society.There wont be a birth of new ideas and views.we would always remain what we are a closed conservative society.


i wish more people will get involved and defeat the politicians who are looking for political mileage out of it.
Thanxs.The Fundamental parties are getting bolder and bolder cause nobody is speaking out.This will stop only when more people speak out against the PMK/DP.

yes mani and everybody who is a progressive creator should raise there voice.
A very good point.I agree with you on most of it.As i said before what kushboo said is right or wrong is a different issue.But bringing down everybody who has an alternate view than what the majority or a particular political party thiks is totally wrong.

"Never! I might want her dead by all means, but I'll never support anyone murdering her, to the extent that I'll do anything to protect her, similar to what Voltaire said. So what do I do? Nothing! Simply nothing! Do"

This is where i differ.Here you are not commiting the murder, you are against it.But you are not helping the victim also, you are a mere audience ot the murder, aren't you scilently helping the murderer by this action??.

I think that is what atleast the film stars and other creative minds are doing in TN.Path breaking movies, controvertial stories all are ok till it remains in the silver screen, but can't happen in real life.
In the midst of all this controversy, one important thing has been overlooked. How can anyone file a case against someone for expressing an "opinion" (this is not libel, mind you) and the courts also act on it? Can't the judges refer the law book to throw out the cases that have no merit in the first place?
forget the other actors. what happened to sundarC and manirathnam. why did they not defend their own wives?? when they didn't step up, how can we expect rajni or kamal to defend kushboo and suhasini?
i guess balaji hit it right on.. why arent the husbands of these women defending them..

and why is the average tamil person not capable of making a distinction between supporting a cause and being the cause ?

so sad !!
I agree with Balaji aswell..n I guess everything leads to politics.
Sigh after all that talk of women having a say and are independent in her serials - radhikas husband does this? - lol take about dual personalities!

I think ppl are scared they'll lose their popularity the way kushboo plummeted - still thats sad that even the husbands haven't come forth!

Do you think Narain would face the next effigy burning scene?

Heard some US film distributors are threatening not to distribute films by manirathnam if suhashini doesnt apologise.
I think PMK /DP have every right to protest in a peaceful way .If kushboo can talk anything ,i feel PMK can also protest in a meaningful way .It is a different thing that they haven't done that .Just staying dumb to whatever the media reports is nothing but death of Brain .

If there is no protest ,then there is no new thinking ? Is it not ?
Visithra ,
I don't think there is any wrong in US film Distributors exercising their rights -though if i were a US film distributor i would'nt be doing that ..

If tommorrow somebody supports LTTE in public ,ABu Salem in public or Pakistan (during war) in public and calls this as FReedom of XPression - why can't i have my rights in refusing that guy to enter into my room or my office ?
WHy can't people boycott films of that guy /lady who makes such statements ? Again this is a Freedom of Xpression .

As sen is reiterating ,u do have all Freedom of Xpression to talk whatever u want ,but u don't have a choice of people neglecting you .
Good post...
Yeah. beats me.

Say some gang is behaving badly to a wife and the week husband is not able to confront them.What are the strong way side lookers do.Move on saying that it is the husbands problem??

yep.That's exactly what i was talkign about. the dual morality followed by artists and creators of tamil entertainment industry.
iam lost.

sen, but in this case rajni and kamal arent "strong wayside onlookers" either. they r just weak husbands to their own wives :) they r also in the same boat as manirathnam and sundar - ppl in the same business who bank on the public to make their movies run. so any controversy would affect them(rajni had enuf of that with 'baba') and the fate of their next movies.
That is what iam saying, that they are weak hypocrites who are the upright HERO's only in the silver screen :).

And everybody has some obligations or the other, if nobody is ready to speak up.Attrocities will keep happening and we will all be waiting for someone else to stop it.
An interesting review of the debate raging in Tamil Nadu over Khushboo's remarks on morality:

Race to the Bottom (1) : Khushboo's Morality
(in English & Tamil)
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