Monday, November 21, 2005

Stand Up, Speak Up

The scales are tilting; more people are coming out to speak against the treatment given to kushboo and suhasini. Apart from organization like PUCL(People's Union For Civil Liberties),Women's WORLD etc. Finance minister P.chidambharam has gone on records against the way kushboo was treated for expressing her thoughts.
There is no need for one to react to another's views. I am not going to comment on it. But, in India one has got the right to speech and freedom to express views. Attempts to curtail or take away these cannot be accepted," he said on Saturday night when asked to respond to Kushboo's remarks.
Just perfect. Did his son had any part to play in chidhambharam giving a statement like this??. Not sure.The CPI has also pitched in support for kushbo's right to express her views.
The CPI State secretary, D.Pandian, said, in a statement here, that the agitation and the court cases against Ms. Kushboo had "assumed unpleasant dimensions." " Those who disagreed with her views should not resort to agitations in violation of democratic norms,'' he said.
Some background activity seemed to have happened in the 'Nadigar sangam'(Actor's Association). Sharath the secreatry of the organization, now says these kind of actions against actor's wont be allowed and would be dealt sternly.

Look at what had been happening in TN in the past.

BABA movie , the PMK leader went against rajini for portraying a character like him and unleashed violence in theaters that were showing the movie.

From the title chandiyar to its shooting pudhiya thamizhagam and dalit panthers gave all troubles to kamal

When vijayakanth said some statements against PMK supremo's son the union minister anbumani he was threatened and vijayakanth fans and PMK caders clashed.

now kushboo & suhasini have come under the attack by these fundamental castist parties.

Imagine the 3 big guys of TN had to go through the same kind of treatment against the castist parties. The thing was nobody came in others support, even if one would have spoken up for the other, say kamal for rajini or rajini for kamal against these parties, this small and pathetic parties would have never had the guts to do what they are doing now. The fan base of these 3 big guys will far exceed the vote base of these small parties. All they had to do was raise their voice and speak up to support one another. But nobody cares for the other unless and until it happens to them.After all the history that has gone by, we still haven’t learned out lesson's, we are still the divided lots who were easily conquered by invading armies. The simple truth is no body wants to SPEAK UP and nobody realizes that UNITY IS STRENGTH.

Thanxs to suhasini for bringing up the problem again.Go suhasini...

PUCL upset
who is attacking kushboo
Scales tilting

Its funny that you actually hope/expect the fan base (regardless of the fact that they do support their idols) of the stars to show their mass as against those of those stupid parties. Is this what is breaking the system from within (and using) the system?
Sen ,
If Rajni ,kamal supports Kusbhoo there will be huge clash between Rajni fans and PMK ,which Rajni will never like .You go to remember in a state like TN ,a statement by these guys have lot of value and affects so many people that they go to watch for their words .Only people with no big Individual fan base like P CHidambaram /CPi can come in support .FOr that matter Karunanidhi is also silent .

In this case ,it is the state which should come in support of Khusboo's freedom of Xpression .
I would stand by Rajni/ Kamal's silence .If maniRatnam ( suhashini's husband ) and Sundar C are silent ,how do u expect Rajni ,Kamal will come in support of kusboo's FOX ?

It would add fuel to fires.

Haven't been here in a while (tons of problems with my ISP) so thought I'd just say Hello!!

Hope all is well with you!

Be blessed :)
I didn't mean to say you have to counter violence with violence.See now only one side is making noise and with everybody being scilent, it makes them think that ther eis nobody to oppose them.But when so many fans/people raise there voice against these parties or show there displeasure, obviously it will heard and they will be checked.

See now that many people are showing there displeasure already the PMK and DPI are backtracking a bit.It is as simple as that.

Let me ask you a simple question.All the great vedas and scriptures in hinduism, dont they say that if violence is being committed you have to go and save the person??.But on a given situation all you do is start looking for reasons to support yourself why you are not ready to stick your neck out.

If something is wrong it is wrong.You think about it and you raise your opinion.Are we again going for a structure her.First the husband should raisng their voice, then the parents, then the brothers, then the relatives, then collegues and then I,ME and YOU will raise their voice.Yes mani and sundar should support them, but even if they didn't that shouldn't stop you from raising your voice.

Yeah long time no c.I noticed that your blog was struck with the nokia post for quite sometime.glad you are back
Most of the 'big guy' cine stars have one leg in the movie industry and are ready to keep the other leg in politics! With the future in mind(who knows they might need the 'support' of the same political parties!!), I guess they don't want to entangle themselves in all these controversies.

P.S. - I wonder if Suhasini must be feeling relieved of having aired her views('apparam oru manippu kettukkalaam!').
I feel there are lot of other things which are much much more important than this .This issue does not deserve more than one single blog in my opinion.We give more attention just because they are cine stars .

I stand by what i say - Rajni and kamal should not make statements in this issue .Just Crude or emotional way of dealing this is going to worsen the situation.

Vedas or hindusim has nothing to do with this .They are never a binding rules .The whole hinudism is full of research on mind ,god .

WHy should we rope in Hinduism to rais eour voices ?
Yes the issue is reaching such a wide audience because they are cine stars.But the thing is if they can do it to cine stars they can do it to anybody and that's how u have to see it.

It is not emotional, it is your social responsibility to talk about that, if you dont talk people will keep doing it.

I said the vedas to point out that as a good human being you are supposed to help anybody in distress right.If a calf or a cow is crying in pain in the roadside, what are you supposed to do??
S. Anand makes a lot of sense when he writes about politics et al.
But, when he writes on cinema/art, he links them invariably to some existing levels of socio-political strata how much ever the creators themselves try to evade them (I do agree that apolotical stand itself is political in some sense). But he gets repetitive on this and pointless.
sen ,
WHat bout KaniMozhi ? She is more vocal than Khusboo and very harsh in her comments and never apologised for her any comments WHy no protests by PMK ? This is just a political game by PMK /DP which requires no attention at all .Infact its Periyaar who needs to be condemned going by PMK /DP standards .

There are so many issues in India .This is nothing - Giving more than a blog is a crime for this issue .
Hi 'critics rascal' didn't have any of his socio political strata stuff.When u read something like that article you wish there was someone like him who could write like that.

If you think this way, Is he talking truth?lot of times, yes.what ever he ways happens.But i get your point, is he getting repeatetive?? Oh yeah, the answer for that one is also an yes, a Big yes.He seems to be single minded on it, irritating the readers.
Again you are doing the same thing, why are u worried about kanimozhi?.Is the violence right or wrong?.If yes raise your voice that's all. simple as that. we can give the whole world as a reason for us not reacting, but they will just be reasons.

Ramki,i think you are still struck on the issue of what kushboo siad is right or wrong, rathern than her right to express her opinion.

There are so many issuesin india.Yes true.But if everybody has to come out and speak out on any of those issues, the fundamental thing is that you should give them a safe platform from where they can talk without fear and head held high.With an idea that their opinion if not respected wouldn't result in people lynching them.That is why this issue is very important and i think it is not a crime.I wish more people wrote more about this issue.
Very well said Senthil. Please do visit my blog for a similar post(s).
Thaqnxs for dropping by ravi.Will do
Results of the controversy : Kushboo and company

When you mentioned the Kushboo, Suhasini issue I thought of adding this

1. Pre Marital sex is here!. That's the truth. There is no denying it. That's the gist of what Kushboo said (not me!) Its NOT just metros or Mumbai or Delhi that the "pre marital sex" is happening. There are also extra marital going on all over India

2. Tamil Nadu is NO exception. There are surveys that show that approx 40% of college students have had sex before marriage !!! Now please don't come back and tell me ONLY young MEN had sex, and that too all by themselves...

3. Tamil movies have as much sex portrayed in them as bollywood movies. In fact there is a great competition there in showing more sex

4. What happens in Indian cities gets noticed and has a multiplier effect. It's soon followed by others in smaller towns and villages

5. The dress, the dance, the music... the cinema ... these have always moved from cities to towns and from towns to villages

6. So would this "sex" thing move to every place in India.

7. Please note that I am NOT supporting Pre marital sex. I'm just stating the ground reality as I understand it. Men should stop thinking women are all dying to live as virgins and get married to the one and only man on the wedding day

8. Kushboo being a film industry, talk show personality is AWARE of the situation. She spilled it out. That's it. I don't think others are going to be open in future. That's even worse considering it would be clandestine pre maritals hence forth !

9. Womens lib is calling this "freedom of expression" and *supporting Kushboo*. Everyone has moved to the freedom of expression issue and given up the basic question... is the level of pre marital so common ? Another group is trying to make us belive that Kushboo is mistaken !!

10. So to me it looks like Kushboo has a point. Men who expect their wife to be a virgin are fools

11. It is important to note that the MEN are against the women who spoke thus, rather than analyzing the statistics and the reasons behind kushboo's statement .. (i.e.) prevalence of pre marital sex in society today

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