Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Regional writers

Many of the great indian writers who write in regional language are most of the times confined with in their language reach.Some great talents have been confined within the boundaries of their state. There are very few of these works that gets translated into english or other languages.Dr.Anantha murthy's samskara was a sweet surprise to me.I didn't have a clue that the book would be such an awesome one and so well translated. Iam looking forward to read more books by authors who write in regional languages.

Mahasweta Devi - Bengali

I came to know about her only after seeing nihalani's 'Haazar chaurasi ki Maa'.I was taken back by the story, such a beautiful story.Even though nihalani added so much to the original story, the core of the story was an interesting view.I was surprised again to know that Rudaali was also her creation. Would love to get my hands on this jananpith's books.

O.V.Vijayan - malayalam

Heard so much about the 'Legends of Khasak'.Also would like to read books by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and vaikom mohammed basheer.

Read part of Vasudevan nair's oppol here

Nirmal verma - Hindi

His death news made me look into him and i came across this small story, my god the way he writes, just loved it.I wish i read this in hindi, it would have been definitely a lot better.
Check that story lost stream here .

Jeyakanthan - Tamil

I still have to read many of his works.

you can read some of the short stories of jnanpith Jk's work's here.Click on english translations to get the full list of translated stories.

Nirmal Verma

My favorite mallu writers are M.T. and M. Mukundan. Vijayan is a legendary writer. "The legends of Khasak" was the much celebrated book in Malayalam, but I like his "ThalamuRakaL" more than the Khasak. Heard that Shyamaprasad ("Akale" and "Agnisakshi" fame is going to make a movie of this).
Is thalamurakal available in english??.
Am not sure whether they have published it in English. "Thalamurakal " means "Generations".

I will definitely let you know if I get anymore info on this.
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