Friday, November 04, 2005


Danny Boyle's(28 Days Later, Trainspotting) Millions is yet another beautiful british movie. It is funny, sweet, engaging and magical at times. A great medicine for people who have got sick of watching american movies.

The movie is about two brothers, 9-year-old Anthony(Lewis Owen McGibbon) and 7-year-old brother Damian(Alex Etel) who come across a quater of a million pounds and decide to spend it in different ways. Hold on, you might think this is an age old story, but no the story is handled very differently. The narration style switches from pacy story telling , sweet childish movements to magical and surrealistic moments. But it does not overdo the sweet moments like finding neverland.It does not moist your eyes, even though it could have in many places.It gives varying view points and drives home the message clearly.

Alex Etel has done a great job.A great feel good movie that can be watched with family.Take my word WATCH IT and you will love it.

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