Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hazaar chaurasi ki Maa(Mother of 1084)

Iam doing a series on Govind nihalani at atlernate movie's.The latest is this movie Hazaar chaurasi ki Maa which is one of his best.

Probably the most sentimental and sensitive of all nihalani movies,this is a gem of a movie.Nihalani who mostly deals with strong male characters this time deals with an old mother.The protagonist sujatha chaterji is not a feminist who wants to fight against the society but an ordinary working woman, who lived in her own small world and never thought anything outside it.Nihalani this time targets the women folk like sujatha to think beyond there homes and have social responsibility. Inspired from Jnanpith award winner maheshwatha devi's story, the main character Sujata Chatterji is such an intresting one that it made jaya bachan come out of her acting career's, 19 year break to do this movie. more

alternate movie jamai ;)
Heard a lot about this movie. By the way, I just watched a Bertolucci movie "Dreamers". Hot and spicy as usual, but interesting. But no classic.
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