Monday, November 14, 2005

Express your opinion and get arrested

It is back.With suhasini's apology and the new arrest warrent against her, kushboo controversy is back.Kushboo seems to have gone underground to escape the arrest, all because she expressed an opinion that she thought was right.It is a shame.

Recently Suhasini spoke in support of kushboo in a film festival, i wish she had spoken about her support earlier, anyways she has done it now and many women organizations are also expressing support for kushboo.But it has opened the controversy again and all the tamil morality saviours are out with daggers.I hope suhasini will have the will power to with stand the attack that is getting directed towards her now.

A great news amidst all these controversies is the launch of Karuthu.Karuthu is a new non political forum to promote freedom of expression in Tamil Nadu.It is started by kanimozhi and karthick chidambharam daughter and son of karunaidhi and chidhambharam.

It's great to hear that something positive is coming out of all the controversies that has been happening in tamil nadu.Not sure whether karuthu is just going to be an internet forum or something more than that.But none the less, it is a very positive and encouraging move.

Keerthi's post on karuthu


vayakudupanen apparam avasthai paduvanen kadhai i pity suhasini
I have met her when I was a kid
very smart women, i hope she knows what she is doing.
Read the sarath and other actors are against her.

but the way things are going in tn, sad state of affairs.
I guess it is not just TN that is affected, the blog world is also the same (wink wink) read my latest post:P.
Visit Badri's blog for his insightful comments,
Sen ,
I have always wondered what it is meant by Freedom of Xpression .

Does Freedom of Xpression means to speak whatever one likes ?If the defintion is 'Talk whatever u want but it should not cause any disturbance in society ' ,then by that definition most of our leaders have to be in Jail .

Lets take few simple things ..

1.In a public medium ,where there are all kinds of people of varying ages ,certian topics cannot be discussed or if discussed it has to be rated in media .(similar to PG rating systems ) .

2.Secondly ,how do i define what causes disturbance in society ?If i speak something on a controverisialtopic ,some guys will like it and some guys won't like it and it is sure to cause a disturbance.

3.If khusboo can talk what she likes ,i do see a sense that people can also oppose to it peacefully .They have the freedom .In case of moral issues which are not covered by law ,its the society as a whole which needs to react.State cannot act on that unless it is expciltly crosses the law ,like in Vaiko's case .SO in this case ,arrest does not make any sense .

It is surprising why our 'Free'Thinkers' have not questioned Kushboo uttering a statement " No intelligent man should expect his wife to be a vrigin' - Who is she to tell what i should expect ? WHy is that nobody questions that in BLOG ?DO we agree with that ?

BTW ,before all this .What is that Khusbhoo has exactly said ? ;) ANybody can post from India Today ?
Mumbai Ramki,
I don't seem to get your point. Sure Kushboo is entitled to express her opinions. You seem to be agreeing on that.
1.In a public medium ,where there are all kinds of people of varying ages ,certian topics cannot be discussed or if discussed it has to be rated in media .(similar to PG rating systems )
Thats either the problem of the kids themselves or their parents. Just in case, if they get to know things they are not "supposed" to know (or whatever), its not Kushboo's problem. Even taking up this "moral" thingie, at least one can dub it as media's problem (which doesn't seem to have censor ratings). What did poor Kushboo do? The only thing I don't find as right (from her POV) is to go for the apology. She should not have given a damn for this whole issue.
If khusboo can talk what she likes ,i do see a sense that people can also oppose to it peacefully .They have the freedom .
Yeah, right they are entitled to any degrees of stupidity. But, then where does the arrest warrant come from? This aint legally wrong. Is it?
It is surprising why our 'Free'Thinkers' have not questioned Kushboo uttering a statement " No intelligent man should expect his wife to be a vrigin' - Who is she to tell what i should expect ? WHy is that nobody questions that in BLOG ?DO we agree with that ?
So who is saying Kushboo is the next messiah/seer? She is just telling what she thinks. If you dont agree, dont give a damn. Its that simple.
zero ,
Legally Kushboo cannot be convicted ,but she can be arrested which is different.same with kanchi Seer(which is more serious)

Don't give a damn -YES
The same thing can be said about Kushboo's arrest warrant ,Same thing can be said for all other things,ideas,film reviews,statements by politicans ,moral policing in Anna University .Then why have BLOGS,forums ?

We seem to be selective or partial in commenting .That which is easier ,obvious :we bash - we can do it.But that which is tougher ,subtle ,we don't give a damn about it .
Zero ,
My final Take is that

1.We need to understand first what Khusboo has said

2.Discuss our views on that and what is meant by freedom of Xpression .

3.Then probably discuss the arrest warrant .

The good thing about blogs is that we can discuss and learn alot from others .If the core issue itself is not discussed and we just react to what is happening ,then we become 'Information SOurce' than a 'Thought-SOurce'
Mumbai Ramki,
If one is peeved by Kushboo's comments, he should rather be putting up posts (like I said, everybody is entitled to express himself) like these or something to that effect. and yeah, this may include heights of stupidity/fanaticism/chauvinism like filing a defamation suit for what Kushboo said. But then the question is:- how was she even called to some goddamn court in mettur for such a stupid case filed with no legal base?
And nobody here is running away from some "subtle" thing. As far as the law is concerned, Kushboo can express her opinions/blabber any rambunctious stuff she wants (*which doesn't point to anybody/any group in particular*). And as far as I am concerned, she can express her opinions to no end/blabber out and out since I usually don't listen to her.. :p.
So, why is everybody paying heed to what she says? because she is a star? she is a responsible person?

P.S.:- Now Suhasini is in the loop. heck!
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As a bachelor, I would agree with what Khushboo said but when I become a husband/parent, I will strongly disagree with her. :-) But any of these have nothing to do with the moral policing like what's going on now. She didn't hurt anyone personally, she just aired her opinion on something. We have freedom to agree or disagree with her but we have no right to attack her personally and this court thing is in the extreme level.

(This reminds me of something I came through recently in the blogosphere)
Your post does make lot of sense !!!My concern was that we are indirectly accepting what Kushboo has said by not discussing it .Yes - its a personal choice for any induvidual ,but asking somebody to do that is what irks me .

JO ,
Even iam surprised .It all depends on how the Freedom of Expression is defined in the consitution /law .Now without pointing to anybody i can encourage people to get converted to a particular religion which allows for more than one marriage .Can i be sued in court ? I really don't know !!
Non political forum - 'Karuthu' is coming up because of Kushboo and Suhasini ? Hats off to them. Anyway, TN is into much of controversial now-a-days. Anyway, 'Karuthu' should not aggrevate the controversies further, rather try to solve the issues.
sen the arrest warrant is for not turnin up in court, she cited pothholed roads as the reason, she cud have easily landed up and had the case thrown out. the warrant is for not respecting the summons frm court, which is justified.
but why did the court summon at first place? Is there no validation of the case being filed before calling for a hearing?
Thanxs for clearing the doubt on her arrest.I was wondering how can they do it...

I think there are two things here.One is whether what kushboo said is right or wrong. Second whether kushboo can say it or not.I would like to come out of this question of whether what she said is right or wrong and want to look into the aspect of whether one can say their controversial view in public.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" -voltaire

As far as iam concerned SHE CAN.It is her fundamental right to raise her opinion and that is what she exactly did.Yes the opposition also have the right to raise their opinion.I wish they did it in a dignified way, rather than going the usual route they take to attack any women in tamil nadu/india.

i agree, think she shouldn't have apologized.Also on courts allowing these unnecessary cases, which ran counter to the fundamental principles of our constitution.NO wonder we have so much backlog of cases.These kind of cases should not be admitted in the first place.

You would have read the voltaire words.You can oppose her thoughts,but you have to support her right for an opinion.

I personally feel one should express there opinion even if it enrages the public.what ever kushboo said was her opinion, her thoughts that goes along with changing times.Yes she didn't take into account the majority of not so modern people with a very open attitude.But all she said was her opinion.She is not my inspiration or idol and iam not following what ever she says.But i respect her opinion and would like those who want to oppose it to do it in a civilized way.

I actually think it was great of suhasini to come forward and talk in support of kushboo.I wish people who even oppose her thoughts will support her right for opinion.The only way to fight the stupid politicians is by showing support to kushboo.

But whether suhasini is genuinely concerned about her or not will be revealed in the coming days.

why are u guys tying the cow to the tajmahal :).chill guys...


yeah karuthu is a +ive move, has to be seen whether it is going to do anythign other than being a internet forum.
@Mumbai Ramki -- But hey, even if that was a call for society, we should let it be cool. Because, we still have the choice to think about it and to accept or deny it. :-)

@Sen -- :-) am cool!
I aint tying anything anywhere, I keep away from bad influence. fundamentalists are last on the list of the evolutionary ladder (maybe thats why they are surrounded by backward people) according to me.
They least affect me dude, they seem to be affected a lot by what I say so i am glad that I am bringing about a change to their mentality.
It's all because Kushboo is not a tamilian and Suhasini is a brahmin. It has nothing to do with women issues.
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