Thursday, November 24, 2005

DVD Rentals in USA

Lot of people ask where i rent my DVD's.Thought i will give some links for getting good DVD's in USA for everyone.

One of the best rental site for USA is business model is same as netflix.From all the sites i have seen they are the best.Very professional.But their collection right now is not that great.
If you want to select from a huge collection then u have to go to erosentertainment(( can rent from them also, but they are just pathetic, when it comes to customer service.

This was the conversation between me and the Customer service(rather one telephone operator who takes care of everything at the office).

Me:I rented a DVD almost a month before,but is still havn't received it.what is happening??

Telephone operator:Sir it is because of postal delay's and bad weather.

Me:Bad weather??(This was before katrina/rita etc).The east coast of USA has been pretty much clear, what bad weather are u talking about?.

Telephone operator:No sir, iam not talking about weather here,Iam talking about weather in india.The DVD has to come from there.

Me:WHAT !!!!!!!!

You can buy bengalimovies from but this is only for sales.Rent a bangla movie( is a rental site run by abdul khan.He is an independent guy who does all by himself.Hand Written address, stamped envelopes etc.You can even pay by check AFTER watching the movie.But make sure that the DVD ur renting has subtitles(if you are not a bengali), as many of his movies does not have subtitles.

what else there is always netflix.They do have some good movies.Apu trilogy, vanaprastham,salaam bombay,party,utsaab and quite a few shyam benegal movies.I wrote to them to include govind nihalani,ghatak's and mrinal sen classic.Let's c.

nice to hear good things about MyPicks. did u c the reviews of tamil movies on there? :)
yeah , i read you blog on how those contacted you for your reviews etc.
Thats a great job you've done Sen. Thanks so much for this info. As soon as I buy my laptop, I am going to watch all of them :)

-- Akshaya
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