Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amazon fraud

I got a mail asking me to update my account to enlarge the image.

I went to the site and the site was so close to the original one.
Note the ip address.

I logged in as mahatma gandhi

Once i logged in the first page itself was this.

I have seen these kind of frauds with ebay, first time with amazon.guys beware..

ayyo danger o danger
good that you checked the ip address
the best thing will be to always to go the proper addres like open a new browser and type in instead of clicking the url
MyGod another phising game
Thanks for the warning bro,but forgive my did the ip add help u find out that the site was a fraud?
Idhukku per dhaan 'Gandhi' kanakka?
ganesh solra mathiri, if any update is required, go to the webspage typing the address...

btw, this is not a fraud by amazon or ebay or paypal... its just some sect of people creating these "dummy" websites to get all the relevant info. from u... that is why amazon/ebay et al, send u a mail once in a while asking u to be beware of such fradulent activities..
Most of the reputed websites will use meaningful host names not ip address for authentication pages. If the host name refers to an ip address in a login page then it might be a phishing site.

From the site I found out that the ip address actually belongs to an institute in Thailand. Amazon hosting its website in Thailand. how credible is that ?

There is a toolbar ( provided by netcraft available to monitor phising sites.

Full Disclosure: Although Netcraft is a reputed firm, I have not installed the toolbar because I dont want any one to track the sites I browse.

enna senthil gandhi ya vida mattinga pola ;)
Sen, I think Opera8 prevents this type of re-direction. I heard that Opera would prompt a warning message that the link is re-directing to a different IP and if you still want to go there.
Hi Senthil,

Sometime back my cousin has also got a same kinda mail (In this case it climed to be from eBay).

Have made a post about this in my blog [ Beware of Phishing!]

Neways... we have to be bit cautious when we get these kinda mails
Yep.just wanted to warn everybody.

most of the big sites will have their site address like in the url not any unknown ip adress, if it then it means it is saravanan's comments.

me too,
yeah yeah... i left a space between mahatma and gandhi, but still it accepted it :)

u r right.And yeah i know that it is not by amazon.i just meant to say that phishing is happening with amazon also.

ennathan irunthallum father of the nation illaya ??.what's up long time no c??.

i think even firefox does that but this is not click the link of the email and it takes u to the site but the link image is made to look like amazon.

yeah ebay is very common, even i have received many.But this is the first time iam seeing an amazon one.
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