Monday, November 14, 2005

Adhu oru kanna kalam

I was completely disappointed. Shouldn't an artist/creator grow with experience? Balu mahendra seemed to have stopped somewhere 20 years before, he is still taking movies the way he took 20 yrs back. Ok it is his style, but the story that he has dealt is also an old one.It is not an unusual story, it is a story that we have seen in so many movies.Except for the core idea that balu wants to convey, that humanity, kindness, forgiveness still exists in society. He also raises the question of the purpose of what is the right punishment for a crime?.

The whole story seems to have been built on the hope & belief of the existence of a kind and sensitive world, which is very good. But can't this be told on a different story?. why should he convey that on a story that is so common. After the story moved into jail, i thought he is probably doing a different version of his malayalam movie 'YATHRA' and i was hoping that this movie will also do that wonderful climax(one of the most sweetest climax i have ever seen)of yathra.But i was disappointed, it ended in a different way.

Balu mahendra has added so many components with the idea that they will spice up the movie, but it has only made the movie more boring and weird. I dont understand the purpose of many scenes.Like the scene of a jailer with 42 inch biceps beating the s*** out of the stick man, south indian bruce lee, danush. He keeps beating and asks him not to get up, but he gets up every time to get more gifts. It's all ok, but what is the point, what is the director trying to prove here??. what is the purpose of this whole scene.Completely beats me.On the plus side, he has portraied the policemen as decent and sensitive guys rather the usual rowdy characters, also tries to show love between economically low class servant girl and the middle class boy.But none of the good things are stressed and they get lost in the meandering and predictable story.

Raja was another big disappointment. Like the story in which, the subjects who were not ready to tell the king that he is naked, i guess no body is telling this king(Raja) that his voice is horrible. When there are so many fresh talents with so many different voices, why is he torturing himself and us with his voice, what is the need?. The best favor that he could do to his friend 'balu sir' would be to not sing in his movie from now on.

Nowadays when i see a movie in which illayaraja has composed the music the first thing that i want to confirm is whether the hero has a mother. And if yes, i keep praying all through out the movie that she shouldn't die. Cause invariable there will be a song with illayaraja singing a song. That style and lyrics were all great for the first 3 movies but hearing the same stuff for 15 years drives me crazy. Isn't a music director also supposed to be creative and innovative?. Raja's creativity seems to have died and he is just beating the dead horse in these kind of situations. Iam a fan of raja, but no iam not gonna blindly worship him.

Apart from occasional brilliance the BGM's where so predictable. If you have been following the maestro's bgm works, you can easily guess what kind of a music is going to come next and above all this, he keeps playing an easily forgettable theme music over and over again. There is nothing fresh in it except for some brilliant pieces at the climax.

AOKK is simply a product of two great creators who have stagnated and are slowly moving towards anonymity.

senthil, neengal padatha stand alone basis la pakkerangal. its not gr8, but compared to the other movies which have been comin out in recent months this is a really good movie. no punch dialogues, no heroims etc, which is wat makes the movie good, its a throwback to the 80s, yes, but tat is still good compared to most movies of today. in that sense this is a good movie, but standalone as u said, it isnt gr8
the movie seems to have bombed. Last heard that they are showing steamy scenes in TV trailers (without showing the A rating that the movie got) to draw people to the theatres.
sen, I can understand your frustration at IR singing. But BGM - well, he can only do BGM that he thinks enhances the scene, right? He cant keep looking for new tunes or new styles of BGM, right?
It is just that we got used to his BGM style so I guess we need a different style now But there is no doubt that his BGM still enhances the film. That should be enough. That we could hum the BGM tune earlier, that those pieces even stood alone as masterpieces apart from enhancing the scene were a bonus. Just because that bonus is not there, it doesnt mean he is not doing justice to the movie standalone, right?
enna stand alone, networknnu :).Yeah i can understand what you are saying it is a relatively clean movie compared to the others.But clean movie , won't make it a good movie.There are so many subjects so many intresting narrating styles etc.but he is grinding the same stuff, like a masala movie.

that is funny.pavam BM :)

you are right.Iam not saying the BGM was totally bad or anything.It's just a feeling of oh i have heard it know what i mean.
senthil eppada idha paarthe.
ippa vara padatha parkarathukku
namakku kasu avanga kodukanum
Tamil Nadu will have lot of millionaires if that scheme gets implemented :).
enna aachu damil padam ellam paarka arambhicitinga :D
sen, yeah thats there ofcourse. But as long as the bgm tune is not a rip-off of a previous effort, I would tolerate it. For exapmle, did you know that 7G Rainbow's theme music was a note-by-note rip-off of Johnny?
IR-ai porutha varayil, I think stop expecting anything more from him - avvalavu dhaan creativity - 63+ vayasu aachu. inimel oru johnny, oru Nithya ellaam varadhu. Inimel avaridam irundhu "Varuvadhai pagirndhu unbom vande matharam enbom"{ avvalvu dhaan :-)
chance kedacha podhumey, kalachiruveye.Nan adikadi DAMIL padam ella papenungo...

offcourse iam not going to compare anybody else in tfm with raja n bgm.Still there is nobody to compete with him.
""Varuvadhai pagirndhu unbom vande matharam enbom" :)
hey rahman is doing good in bgm nowadays..but i feel kattuvazhi song is simply suggestion to sen listen to it thrice or 5 is a masterpiece
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