Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Two awesome Bloggers

The blogosphere is buzz with two awesome bloggers,who stood up against what they felt was wrong.Is India starting to see the power of the blogs??.

The bloggers that iam talking about are
Gaurav sabnis and Nimish advani

Gaurav sabnis a well known blogger was threatened with a law suit for carrying an article against IIPM.What action did he take?.Read it here.This issue is still developing with the IIPM people stooping low.They have created fake blogs are are leaving nasty comments on the female blogger rashmi bansal who first wrote about IIPM.

Nimish Advani was the unfortunate software engineer who was beaten up by the railway cops.His ordeal and the support he received from the internet here.

Kaps call to fight for gaurav sabnis
Narayanan's earlier call for nimish

Hey Sen,

Went by Gaurav's blog today - it's a sad thing that this should have happened.

But it's also an inspiration to the rest of us to stand up for our principles.

Like Gaurav said, the "truth never hurts those who are right"

Bravo guys!
Cool sir !
BUt i feel gauvrav should have stood with IBM for his own personal thing .IIPM may target any organization he joins !

Not only IIPM ,i feel there are lot of other institutes which offer such attractive stuff .Its we who have to verify all these stuff !!!!

Regarding Nimish ,i tht its fake !!!!If its true ..my god !!!

Power of Blogging is great !!BUt at the same time i also feel that we are bomboarded with lot of info that it tempts to pass this information without processing or thinking in depth ! What say ?
Hi There,
tried to post on your "Alternate Movies" blog but I dont have a blogger id. You get your hands on movies I have been dying to watch but havent been able to find. Like Matir Moyna. Now as far as I know, you are also in the US. Could you please let me know how you manage to do so, I would love to watch these too. Also have you ever rented from this website called rentabanglamovie.com? They seem to have a lot of the movies I want to watch, was wondering if you or someone you knew had any experience with them. thanks
yep,he is an inspiration.And iam glad that the blog world is coming together for him.

u r right.Information travels so fast that you dont have time to check what is true and what is not.Regarding nimish it is true.search on the google.His story is covered in many newspapers.
BTW where are u, if you are nearby DC.You can have my own copy of those movies.

I found it in the nearby rental store.You can get it in rentabanglamovie too.I have rented from him and he is ok.He is an independent guy who does all by himself.Hand Written address, stamped envelopes etc.But he is cool and you can get from him.You can even pay by check AFTER watching the movie.But make sure that the DVD ur renting has subtitles(if you are not a bengali), as many of his does not have subtitles.
Good to see yoru support as well.
I have been following this.
Let hope something positive comes out of both Nimish and Gauravs case.
Thanks a bunch Sen. I am in Southern California. Thanks for the offer. Just needed that final nudge towards rentabanglamovie.com, I am glad I found someone who had some reting experience with them. And yeah thanks for the tip, I'll make sure I get subtitled ones. BTW, about Gaurav's issue. It seems blogs are being targetted everywhere. I was litenting to NPR yesterday and there was this soldier Jason Christopher who has a blog http://www.justanothersoldier.com/. And he was demoted int he Army for saying how unfair he thought the war was. Its unfortunate really, cuz blogs are the only pure form of journalism left.
@Sugzter -- "Its unfortunate really, cuz blogs are the only pure form of journalism left." -- Very true. I liked that.
Blogs ....

Iam not sure if we can category Blogs as Journals ...

+ves of Blogs
Blogs have no commercial revenue nd hence we can expect some truth in blogs .There is no commercial drive .

The same can be said as negative . A given blogger cannot spend 24 X7 to know the complete truth as he has no commercial revnue .Except in cases like the guy who was smashed @Blre RS,all we hear is some half baked analysis and facts . But a journal can appoint 2 guys who can do this job dedicatedly .Truth is partial and incomplete but never distorted.

Blogs suits best for opinions ,reviews and intresting info ,awareness .But to rely on blog for a complete truth on something ,i will hve my own doubts on that
Just to set things straight ...
Truth is partial and incomplete but never distorted.
- That's with reference to blogs
Iam with gaurav on this.But these incidents are also little scary.People react so fast on the internet, without questioning the validity of the posts.
What if someone uses it wrongly?.
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