Monday, October 10, 2005

On Beauty

The booker prize winner will be announced today.The contenders are

1)Kazuo Ishiguro for Never Let Me Go

2)Julian Barnes for Arthur & George

3)Zadie Smith for On Beauty

4)Ali Smith for The Accidental

5)John Banville for The Sea

6)Sebastian Barry for A Long Long Way

Kazuo Ishiguro seems to be on the lead in the people's prize.But Julian Barnes is predicted to win.Let c.

I read Zadie smith's On beauty.It is the story of howard Belsey, a white professor teaching art history at wellington college in boston.The story revolves around the growing rift between him and his black wife kiki because of his adultery, the life of there 3 childrens, and about monty kipps another professor who has opposing views to that of howard.

Zadie smith has weaved the tale around so many things like, conservative,liberal ideas, boston universities, affirmative action,art,rap etc.But the book as a whole was totally unintresting and boring.I had a feeling of watching a chick flick all through out the book.

The book is hyped and i dont think it deserves a booker prize nomination.

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