Monday, October 03, 2005

Moral Police

The latest incidents like the dinamalar party photo's, anna univ dress issues and the kushbu issue is the much talked about one on the blogosphere.

Many of the people or on the idea that these are wrong.Me too, but i kept thinking about that and some thoughts popped in my mind.

#)If the same incident would have happened 15 years, would it have got this much response??.I think maybe not, it would have only bought a response from the elite rich and upper middle class people, but because of the economic & IT growth more people are becoming rich and more people are aware about the outside world and these incidents are affecting more people.But at the same time the peoples who didn't get affected by the IT wave are still at the same place, they were 15 years before and for them it is still a bad thing.Are these incidents signs of the growing divide between the well informed people and the non informed??.Is this the first of many differences that are going to come out??

#)It is fascinating to see that so many people thinking on the same wavelength, before blogoshpere these people might not have got connected with each other on one issue.With the blog's they are able to.Blog's are bringing like minded peoples together and now more voices are being raised.Are these early signs of the blogs influencing the politics??. No we wont be able to do anything like that is happening in USA, but maybe, maybe we will be successful in influencing some people in the news media.

#)Whenever a change happens there is always resistance, very hard at first then they slowly accept the change and it becomes the new norm. So are these things the initial resistance before accepting the attitude of the new generation??.

IT boom has favored just a section of the society..TRUE..But the inflation affects even a lay person..FACT
Hours after i blogged about the moral policing in Chennai, i experienced it first-hand :-)

The protectors of Thamizh panbaadu can now proudly hold hands with the Taliban...
Am not sure whether the mainstream media in India is taking blogs into consideration. But they will have to, pretty soon. Because blogging is being popular day after day.
jo indian media sucks
hopefully blog world will have more influence in india but will these indian news corp will do it.
you know what happened to Megadoot blog ?
Don't have any clue what issues you were talking about??? Tried the link, but can't read the language (Malayalam??)...

Saw the pics though & was trying to figure out what the possible problem could be? Clothes?? PDA???

Because neither were the clothes too scandalous or anything else!! (go to a club in Bbay or New York to really see stuff, lol)

I've experienced first hand many South Indians who are are very prejudiced & closed minded (& I hope you lot will forgive me, think you all are from the South, no personal dis intended!)

Go travel the world and open your minds, I say to these these self proclaimed "moral police".
what do u mean?.what is the relation between this and the topic??

ohhh did you?.But shocked to see not much response from the media.

let's hope so.

yeah hopefully we can influence them.

That was tamil.check out these link, u will understand what we are talking about.
Yes south is conservative,good news is the blogworld is not.
I don't see any wrong in anybody protesting against what Kushboo said .I don't personally agree with all that Kushboo said .But the manner of protests is just crap ,Pure Crap .

I do think some media like OutLook ,rediff have come in against the PMK ,DP protests .

Blogs - i think represents a small percentage of communication.Most of the communication happens through mokkai ( no -aim - chat) ,to be honest .

Blogs - they have a tremendous outlet for some body to express one self and find new friends .But at the same time ,i feel that it is seen as a forum to shout at with no particular aim or u can say just a forum to vent out ur hidden feelings . The 'Personal connection;' is what is desired and that is kind of missing in all our forums .

A few things did concern me ..Students of (my) anna Univ are protesting against the Dress Code ,which is fine to an extent .There has to be dress code ,but how much you want to curtail the freedom is a question of analysis and psychology .

But why is that students or parents protest anything that reduces the quality of studies .The students strength is increased from 60 to 120 /batch ,the quality of teachers is going down ,lab facilities are crap ,the competitive nature of students is further going down ....

Is it that we go to college only for entertainment ?Having dress code helps a bit ,but no way enhances the education !!

It is also sad that they have started crucify the VC ,Anna Univ .he is called a 'PMK loyalist' ,'Tamizh Panbaadu thalaivaar' ,'dictator' ,'sadist' ..In my opinion he has taken few steps in the intrests of students .Inspite of all these protest ,i feel that the will help to a limited extent in helping the students focus on education ,provided he also improves the condition of professors ,labs ,finds new ways to educate students .
Previous post ..why is that students don't protest aginst the qulity of education ?
Everything u said is ok, except for the fact that your/our anna univ should have a dress code.I dont want you or the AU VC to tell me what i have to wear.

The question of why we are not protesting against the quality of eduction is fine, but that is an entirely different topic.
Sen ,
Its an intresting point .Probably i wld express my idea what is a dress code .

First of all it has nothing to do with culture or tamizh Panbaadu ro anything .

We have dress code because the essential idea is that students ( school /college ) don't get distracted by the external things and concentrate on studies ,their personality devlopment .

At what point can we say we need not have a dress code .Can we say at 10 th Standard ? or 12 th ?

The basic idea is that college needs to create an environment to study well and focus on the personality development .VC has assumed that dressing glamorously ,using cell phones will distract the college students to an extent .It is true for some percentage of people .

It has to apply for both girls and Boys .Everybody can dress what they like ,but it has to be in such a way not to distract others and be in line with a motto fo providing a good environment for studies .Unfortunately ,the axe always fells on the girls ,for obvious reasons .Girls are always beautiful ( ethukku ore peria lecture a adikallam )

The dress code depends on the maturity of the students and the responsibility of the students ,in my opinion .There can be open discussion on what distracts students and what is the boundary .

But what i did'nt like was articles by kani mozhi ,fellow bloggers branding the VC as a 'Taliban ' or etc ..His inetntions definetely need to be appreciated -only he could have discussed in depth with syndicate members and explained it logically and backed up with more good changes in education .

Regadring of why i introduced the topic of why teh students don't protest quality of education etc ...the very fact that they protest the dress code and not the lower quality of education itself shows the priority of students ,to some extent .
Not sure how far this is true but I am given to believe that certain colleges in Tamil Nadu do not allow
students of the oppositte sex to interact. If this is indeed the case, I would be very curious to know the reasons for the same.

"We have dress code because the essential idea is that students ( school /college ) don't get distracted by the external things and concentrate on studies ,their personality devlopment".

what is this?.you are putting forth your gurukul ideas here.Days when arjun aiming at a bird said that all that he sees is the eye of the bird are over.A college is for all around development,not just personal development but personality development also, it is about becoming an ADULT.

Only because of this gurukul attitude and mugging culture a by product of reciting slokas that we are producing nothing other than engineers,1 billion people but not a single gold medal in olympics.we are still debating about how short sania's dress is than her playing skills.

The best way to give an undistracted education would be to put the students in a 6*2 box and give a book.what do u say?

who is protesting against the use of cellphones everybody agrees on that.That doesn't come into picture.I always see that you deviate from the main topic by talking about something that is not relavent to the is the students protest against the quality of education.

By your words if the quality is gone down and the students have to protest who is responsible?.Isn't the VC responsible for it.Rather than thinking about the dress of the students, i would say he should think about the betterment of the infrastructue and quality of the syllabus.

Well i guess that is a harder one, an easier one is to bring a dress code.Like our culture saving parties for whom it is easier to get political mileage by the culture talks rather than beinging any good schemes to help the people.It's just pathetic that even educated people fall for these gimmicks.
It is simply because south is conservative and they feel that a boy and girl talk they will start falling in love and that will distract their studies.It is simply a brahminical idea of not letting your mind waver that has been passed down to the schools.
Sen ,

Can you elaborate what is all around development ?
This is what i have understood ...

1.Ability to concentrate as and when required to the deepest level .

2.Ability to face the public and give lectures and presentations .

3.Ability to interact with opposite sex in a free way

4.Ability to try few things through projects and achieving few mile stones in that .

5.Learn alot of Time and People Management .

Iam not advocating of a going to a hole .Iam saying that ina good environment ,students will have teh right frame of mind .Imagine somebody near by ur side watchinga cricket match in ur class.IS that right environment for studies ?

Once your mind becomes focussed ,you will not be distracted and u don't need any of these dress code .

Iam not sure how will ur theory help the above objectives .

neenga Gurukul system a attack paNreenga ,without knowing or reading abt it properly ....You are having your own version of Gurukul .I have seen observed RamaKrishna Mutt Gurukulus - in no way they are inferrior!

I have said that we take a few concepts of gurukul systems and leave the other .You are just ignoring the old ways completely !!

If students don't protest abt the quality of education ,don't u see where they are leading to?Don'u think they lack direction ?How do u say this is not related to this ?
You cannot have a discussion of a topic without observing the other facts and getting a wholistic picture !!

When arjun sees the eye ,he saw only the eye ,that is the concentration he had - That is what is lacking for a olympics gold medal ,that dedication is lacking !!!
what are these 5 points man??.All i can say is that u r very academic and seem to have got struck in a different time period.There is more to life than what is told in your sacred books.

Yes you are asking to go back into a hole.accept it.I think it is easier to deal with religious zeolots than the people who are conservative and act that they stand neutral.After so much social advancement, you are still preaching what your fore fathers practiced in the gurukuls 2000 yrs before.

you are talking so much just to say that a girls dress disturbs you and that you will acheive greater results if the girls in your class come in burkha.It is just pathetic.

your views are clouded by your religious are standing on the moral high ground of your religion and asking everyone else to practice it.If it is good for you to have the sacred ash/thilak in your forehead and sacred chains in your neck, it is good for me to sport a tattoo or a peircing.It is my choice and u dont have any right to impose ur choice on me.
u are more serious abt judging me than discussing the points .

Katham for the discussion !
Pawan and Sen,
A school i went to for a year (quit and went to a diff school after that) had a system of "spot" fine for anyone who was seen TALKING with a member of the opposite sex. They had this fine for talking in the vernacular tongue too. The same management has a few colleges too and in all probability, the rules would be the same there too...
I'd say there's more to this malaise than being merely a Brahminical idea... Whether Dravidian or Brahminical, prudishness seems to exist everywhere :((
Thx for the English links - understand the story better now... though it's quite creepy having pictures of people partying being published without their knowledge and that too with all this hype about immorality!

I'm a non-smoker & non-drinker, always have been & always will be. But I don't think that gives me (or anyone like me) the right to judge people who aren't.

And it's a good thing, like you say, that the blog world isn't like that.
sorry if i said something wrong.u r having all the old ideas and i just pointed out.To answer simply no a dress code wont make a right environment for studies.MIT or Carnigie melon or for that matter IIT does not have a dress code and they still produce the brightest minds.If you think deeply to understand why we in south india think that dress can distract a student, u will understand what i said before.
well u summed it up."prudishness seems to exist everywhere".

yep.well that is just one part of the various measures taken by some 'culture protecting' parties.Shiv sena ideas have just reached chennai.
sen ,

Lot of Maharastra colleges and some colleges in delhi have dress code .Lot of colleges in Mumbai too have it .

I totally agree that you cannot produce bright minds with 'just' dress code .

Dress code varies from one culture to another .

I would disagree that dress does not distract a student -If you live in America ,where people generally are used to seeing girls/boys with scanty dresses ,u are 'used' to it and u may not get distracted .

All we can say that a certain dress does not distract a certain groups of people and teh dress code is the common denominator.It has to be sensitive to that Locality .Else,why do companies have dress code ? ( They are ok with informals ,but still they have dress code -Its a basic necessity )

But if this is the case ,why do we have uniforms in schools alone ?What is the rationale behind that ?If we search answers for that ,we wil get the answers for dress code.

A few Non -indian colleges have it.I don't know how famous is this Liberty University ,though

They are speciric abt mentioning the dress code.
By locality ,i did not mean ' a geographical area' - I was only referring to some place like Office ,Bar ,School ,College .They require a common denomitaor in few things .

Nobody wants adress code in Pubs - right ? ;)
What abt this article?

Argument in Favor and aginst- The results of dress code ,though it discussed abt a school.

I was just discussing on these lines only ...Without seeing the PRos and COns ,we are just making quick -on-the-run judgements .
Ok - Dress code sandai Temp stopped.

void DressCode(void)
return NULL:

ETha parunga muthalla ..damn pathetic !!!!!
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