Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Life Below the line


70,000 Indian millionaires...and growing Page 1 headline
-The Times of India, June 11, 2005

"The bottom 400 million is a disappointment and a social responsibility, and while it harbours value (maybe not a fortune), it is a difficult market to tap."
-Economic Times, March 26, 2005

An intresting article in outlook on how the mainstream media is forgetting the people below the poverty line.The people below the poverty line have simply become a market, a source to sell things too. Read it here

Related article in hindu

Sen ,
The picture was perfect -Something like a cartoon .A boy sitting in front of McDonalds !!

Coming to the essay - I should hontesly say it is shocking to see the facts .I will accept that media has made me to beleieve that India is shining !

But the essay is totally disoragnised in content It could have been a clean 2 page essay but he has a made 6 page mess .

All said and done - he had valid points ,though the flow is not organised.

1.Lets see in Blogs - Write a topic on Sex ,dress code ,marriage ,love you will find 56 comments in 6 hours .A topic like this finds no reading ,i guess .Even if we read ,we will probably write comments to gratify our egos and forget ....:(

2.Is it the media which shapes the people ? Or is that they show what we want ? COnsidering the work pressure in Urban cities ,it is becoming increasingly difficult to look and feel for news like '50 peopel die in AP due to poverty '
.He would probably say 'So sad' and turn to KBC-2 program.

3.COnsider the films - How many movies with village background ? Bollywood ,its zero i guess .Tollywood,Kollywood and mollywood have some .Even village movies have to be packaged like Virumaandi or AUtograph like that .

4.Privitaisation has its own benefits .The author has ridiculed it one sidedly .

This article did make me to think and see and support village based programmesand issues .

Great Blog sen !
Taking examples from ur blog

Inspired Kamal Hassan - > 40 ?
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Samskara - 8 comments
Blinking Amman ( a social Issue ) - 7
Life Below the Line - 1 Comment after 8 hours
Under teh Banyan tree- 0?
Pain is short ,Glory forever -1 ?

Ganguly VS chapell - 7
Felt very sad to see the picture and the post as well.!! I was debating with someone the other day if India should be proud about donating dollars to Katrina..when so many people are dying in India out of many children are begging.!!
Yours is one blog with a difference...
The Hindu and the Frontline are by far the only paper and magazine (respectively) that have a good sense of proportion and journalistic ethics.
The Page 3 culture of reporting is becoming more of a menace thanks to the entry of Deccan Chronicle and the likes and the national newsprint media is now reduced to a bunch of competing share-holder appeasers with content taking a back-seat.

And i think mumbai_ramki's comments are thought-provoking.....
Thanxs.I think what matters is the content with that article.Maybe badly written, he has driven the point home.well if u have decided to support village based programmes, my mission has succeded :).

I think the act of india donating for katrina was more symbolic, to show that we care and we want to share others sorrow, rather than to show off that we will donate you.

thanxs dude.Agree hindu is different,u have left indian express too.I think u havn't seen papers in delhi, The TOI and HT paper is page 3 info.
Very true about Hindu and Frontline. But not sure about Indian Express. (At least in Kerala).
Mumbai Ramki-Hindu and Frontline best ones - hmm, yeah right oops sorry yeah left.
@Ganesh -- :-) Still... :-))
My question - Symbolism thevaiya??
Nice question.But iam not sure whether we should term it as symbolism.May be a genuine concern with an attitude of i will do a little bit from myside.We donated what 5 million $ which was a very miniscule amount compared to the more than 100 billion loss of katrina.And we as a country have been donating for all the big disasters happening around the world.including tsunami efforts in srilanka, eventhough we were also affected.

Being two countries who are really coming together in terms of foreign relations.I think we should be concerned about each other, atleast in disaster.
It is when media fails to give us the right picture that people's verdict (like Vajpayee's and Chandrababu Naidu's lost) shocks!
exactly.I was also one of those who was shocked.why the defeat twhen india is shining.
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the point is indian msm is so biased
they hated bjp period.
Now that we got rid of them
I guess honey,milk etc is flowing in the country,right ?!
It is the very same media debunked india shining campaign now they play 2nd fiddle to upa just to keep out bjp. So poor continues remain as they are.
Its all politics, there is no move to control population,bring in real secularism we could go on.
kongis had a brief romance with naxals so they can get rid of naidu now look whats happening there.
Now that BJP is in opposition, look what they are doing busy fighting among themselves they are doing injustise to people who voted for them.
we got go long way.

'Yada Praja tada Raja' the new republic mantra ;)
Ganesh ,
namam yellam Gollum katha thaan :))
We hate and love teh media for our own reasons :))
Outlook mag is another yellow magazine but still I enjoy reading some articles that it carries. Good post Sen wit the pic!
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