Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dear Frankie

This is a sweet, sensitive movie about a single mother trying to protect her deaf son.No don’t imagine a emotionally charged movie. This UK movie does not go the route of usual emotional ones but it rather underplays the emotions and brings forth a nice story. Like any good story based movie, it has less characters and focuses on the story. There are some real good scenes in the movie especially a kissing scene between the mother and a stranger. The movie ends positively. A sweet and well made movie.

Have u seen Spanglish?
Where the hell do you rent your movies?
this one seems interesting will try and get it sometime soon.
I saw a French movie yesterday, "Under the sands". A nice one.
nope.btw how are things going on with me.

u can get this one at net flix.BTW u dont have to do it this style.let me help you.Guys RObbie is back to blogging, visit his blog :).

cool.will check that out some time.
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