Thursday, October 13, 2005

'Blinking’ Amman idol attracts crowd

"CHENNAI: People have started thronging the 42-year-old Paindiamman Koil at Nadukuppam to witness the temple deity, allegedly ‘blinking’ her eyes." However, conflicting views prevailed among the people about the ‘miracle,’ with most of them claiming to have seen the goddess ‘blinking’ her eyes, while another group stating that they had not seen anything of the sort.

Incidentally, the temple priest sided with the latter group.It all started last Friday evening, when kids, who were playing on the temple premises, spotted some ‘flutter’ in the eyes of the idol.Though they were initially scared sensing it to be something ghostly, people soon started flocking from all parts of the city to witness the spectacle.

Local people said that they had a difficult time controlling the crowd on Friday night. Despite many denying that the goddess blinked her eyes, people kept turning up at the temple till Wednesday, in the hope of witnessing what is termed by many locals as ‘the divine occurrence’.from newindpress.

Chennai, 21st century.......


Personally this 'particular' news does not make any sense to me .

However- With regard to super natural things in general ,its better to accept our limited knowledge, in my opinion .

Just because our 'physical' science can't explain ,we can't conclude anything .Physical science is just one aspect of the science.
That is hilarious.
Just like folks here claiming jesus image on bread toast,or inside a watermelon,or blood drop from virgin marys picture, they even sell it in ebay.
There are people all over the world who believe in this kind of stuff.

Andha kovila nalla vasool agaiirukkumnnu nenaikaren.
Once I heard that a woman who had the holy bread turned out to be the fresh meat and the holy wine as blood. Then heard that milk coming out of a Ganesha vigraham. Then heard a rosary smells like Jasmine. Happens everywhere.

As Ganesh said, it can help to get some more money. :-)
Once again...... same old story....

i can never forget tat fine evenin wen i was in high school.... wen Vinayaga drank milk.... n it increased milk sales all over the country......

again, maybe some prank played by someone lookin into monetary benefits....
Again u r doing the middle of the road stuff, talking on both sides.Are u classifying these kind of stuffs as a supernatural thing?.

U r right, this is everywhere but more so in places where the mythology and magic is part of the culture and where people are illiterate.These kind of things happen round the clock in the latin speaking world.

yes, i think we should also start a new phenomenon and make some money man :).Demand and supply right .

i also remember that man.Heck it came in national news.The whole country went crazy.
sen ,

This particular thing -'not' .Even assuming 'amman' really blinked using latest CGI tech or any Motion freeze Tech ,whats that to a man !

I was mentioning more of Hypnosis ,Uri Keller stuff and Astrology ,Predictions ,ESP ,Super natural Powers .I do belive all is possible !!Just because Physical Science cannot analyse this meta-physical things ,they can't be false .

Secondly ...

I think you have simply branded - chennai 21 st century ..I really don't undertand what that means ....Probably you meant in 21 st century where there is so much development of science ,people belive this stuff..

All the people who gathered - It does not mean they believed that stuff .If suppose something happens in my street end ,its usual for people to just accumulate,see and go .Some percentage of them do it for fun ,some for religion ,some for no reason ( time pass) .

Those who gathered for religion - NO Comments .I don't think there is any religion or any thought behind this ..

For other reasons - I may be one of them .Nalla Time pass,to see good crowd :)

I think others have already done the speaking.....but nothing beats, the sales of 'thundus' (towels) after yejaman movie was released :-)
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