Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I recently read this new's item about this 3 year old kid trying to get into the guniess book of records.

A three-year-old boy sets eyes on the Guiness Book as a marathon runner! In the recently-held CRPF athletic meet in Bhubaneswar, Budhia Singh completed a 25 km run and won an award from Orissa Governor.

The child comes from a very poor family. His mother, a widow, lives in a Bhubaneswar slum and ekes out a living doing errands at others' houses.

Since she could not give proper food to Budhia who is youngest of the four children, the other three being daughters, the mother handed over Budhia to Biranchi Das, secretary of Orissa Judo Association. Budhia has been staying in Das's house.

"Budhia has been doing rigorous practice running no fewer than seven hours in the morning and evening. At present he is clocking 10 hours for 48 km," says Das.

Budhia has set his eyes on the Guiness Book of World Records which now lists an 8-year-old boy running 52 km without rest. Budhia plans to run 90 km without rest from Puri to Cuttack. He has already run 60 km from Puri to Bhubaneswar.

This news item disturbed me. For god sake this child is just 3 or 4 years old and everybody is making him a thing of exhibition. I dont know how much the boy likes to run, still he is just 3 yrs old and pushing him so hard is nothing but a torture. I feel just because this guy Biranchi Das wants to get his name in the news, he is taking advantage of the poverty of that kid and pushing him so hard.Imagine a 3yr old kid running 55 miles non stop, will his small body, heart withstand it??.Is it legal to make a kid go through this kind of torture and isn't there one sane voice which can talk against this??.

Oh my god yeah, I agree. It's horrible! He's only 3 or 4, and they're making him miss out on his childhood. And he gets to eat lots of pulses and milk? Puh-lease. As if that's a good balanced diet for a little boy. But since they are getting so much publicity for this (and therefore money), let's hope they feed the boy properly.
Oh MY! this is too much, he is juz 3. The grown ups should know better.
I read this in bbc.
they shoul train and coach and then make him run when its okay.
coach trying to get in the limelight at the cost of the kid.
Thanxs for stopping by.Thing is even if he is fed nicely, he is made to undergo this torture.

Lot of people havn't still grown up..

ghanu bhai,
sorry state..
Sen ,
Not all times are the news true !Sify nowadays is more likke IndiaTimes..Create hype ,hype!!

However ,if this news is true ,its really sad .For one the kids's health is gonna get affected and this sets a bad precedence for others !!!
Well..Read elsewhere..In china,Children around this age are being taught gymnastics,bend their bodies ,and put to rigorous practice..No wonder they are world class performers..5-il valaiiyathathy 50-il valayuma ?..

Sports education still lacks big time on our country..Wishing lil Budhia good luck..But seems the coach tries to make maximum profit out of him..
yep.what's happening, i didn't see the new story in ur blog??.

Its true that when it comes to gymnastics, you have to start young.But not with marathon.marathon is an endurance thing and it is not about push your body to the limits in a marathon and i dont think it is wise to puish a 3 year old's body to the limits.
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