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This is an old movie, but i got to see it now only. A very nice movie. The movie has some unwanted songs and drags a little in the end.But otherwise brilliant screenplay by ameer.This movie, if linearly narrated is a very simple story, which wont be of any interest to the audience. But ameer starts from the end and slowly unwinds the movie with the suspense intact. Ameer with very few characters and focus on the story, incident keeps us engaged all throughout the movie. He could become a very good screenplay writer. Let c.The movie is well supported by jeeva/rehman/murali/saranya.

Aah Aah
As far as iam concerned mild erotica is ok in commercial movies or scenes as needed in the movie.But this guy is an outright pervert .He lacks everything to be an hero and has acted on the strength that perversion with good music will sell in tamil nadu.Not sure how successful he was in that. More than S.J.Surya, A.R.Rehman has to be blamed for composing music to movies like this.

have seen Raam
good one except for few speed bumpers like songs etc
overall nice effort
Aaah -not planning to watch ,same as NEW .
Apparam Kushboo news pathiya
PMK wanted to drive her out of tamilnadu.
Raam - I liked the movie .But the characterisation of the hero is not too good .he has tried for a 'bala' kind of hero .But yes ,screenplay wise its very good- except for the climax ,which is too much on the expected lines.

Ah aah - This movie has an excellent story line but suryah ,the director and actor have butchered the movie in all ways .Every scene in the movie has been wrongly enacted !I felt sad that suryah has spoiled two movies ,which if it had been dealt by some other sensible director wld have been all time best .Of course NEW is not 'BIG ' :)
Mild erotica or not - it has to be with the movie and has to convey something - It may be that the hero and heroine got closer or have intimate relationship .I feel kamal did that in virumaandi quite excellently .Ah ..aah had a big flaw .The plot was pretty serious ,plot points ,inciting incidents were also serious ,rest all were 'A" class type -deserved to be a flop.

Rehman enna pannuvaaru ..suryah wld have narrated it in an excellent way ..ARR showed his revenge in bgm ;)
Raam veered off like anything from what it initially was like.. Ameer had made events very similar to Pithamagan (for all his open statements against Bala, he could not resist the inspiration!) except for the actual story which is in a thriller format.. and one starts wondering why was all the build-up (not said in the usual tamilian lingo) in the first half?

As for "Ah Aah", I can only tell this: you have quit your "experiment" :)
Sen and others,
Ram minus (Yuvan's tunes + KJY's voice) wouldn't have had the same effect. Is it not?

BTW what do you think about the movie 'King'? Is it an inspiration/remake? If possible, let me know more info on movies having storyline on similar lines.
dont watch it..

I really have to appreciate you man.you are the best man in tieing the cow before the tajmahal.Given any topic, you are somehow connecting it to kamal.Yeppadi ethellam :).

"Arr showed the revenge in bgm" :D

i thought the buildup was an intresting screenplay :).

Yeah no more experimenting. Anything from sj surya will be completely ignored from now on, even if the music is good.
Yeah his Bgm was good.BUt from what i heard most of the BGm's of yuvan are by karthick raja :).

King??. Iam not sure i saw the movie. i dont know anything abt the movie.
ARR has come up with one of his best scores ever and the music is helping the movie click in the BO.

As u rightly said, ARR should be more selective in choosing his projects. SJ Surya happens to be agood friend of ARR and hence ARR can't say no to SJS.
Sen sir ,
athu eppadi ..anything kamal hassan u don't like ;)
Karthik Raaj scores only for few YSR movies ..His major one slike 7/g ,Kathal Kondain ,Raam ,Nanda are agmark Yuvans ..
perfect capsule reviews on both movies. agree with every aspect like the 'pithamagan' inspiration and excellent screenplay in 'Raam', good concept/bad execution, pervertedness of 'A Aa', etc. :)
ARR has said no to many biggies, he can do it if he tries .I hope he will do it from his next movie.

But i dont write a comment connecting my anti kamal views always :)

etho chinna payan ennalla mudinjathu, ungala mari ellam nammalla ezhutha mudiyathu.
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