Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Movies

Lightning bug:

Its an independent movie, which never got released in theaters. A simple story narrated beautifully. It talks about the dream and reality of a village kid Green (Bret Harrison). His dream, to become a special effects guy in horror movies. His reality, the alcoholic and abusive step father. He lives in a conservative Christian town where nobody understand/appreciates his work. People think that he is doing devils work and for his rowdy MANLY father, it is not a work.In midst of all the sadness he finds his happiness in catching lightning bugs in the fields and is determined to catch his other lightning bug the dream of going to hollywood. What happens to his dreams, is the movie about.


A movie on racism in the american society. But this is not a typical racial movie that talks about white's racially discriminating blacks. This movies goes deeper to tell that everyone is a racist. It is something that is common to all.

The story is told through the life of various characters from different walks of life.Like many european movies, these various character stories are interwoven to give a larger picture. Every character is a victim and perpetuator of racism. The people who cry that they are victimized, in turn victimize others. No body is sensitive to others feelings and they want everybody to be sensitive to theirs.

But all is not lost. Like the newtons 3rd law that, there is always an equal and opposite force. The devil of racism has the god of help, love and care. When faced with a crisis and at times of need everyone turns good. Many of the characters forget the race issue and take actions based on love and to help others. And like racism little acts of kindness and care is also perpetuated by all of the characters. The movie ends positively. The cycle continues.

3 Iron(Korean):

This is an artsy artsy movie.This movie will drive u crazy if u r just a regular movie watcher .The hero never speaks in the whole movie and he is not dumb. Similarly the leading lady also does not speak that much.

The hero just breaks into different houses every day and stays in them. Through him we are introduced into the life’s of different families. At first all these houses seem rich and great, and the hero is made to look like a thief, but as the movie progresses you come to know that a rich and a posh house does not make a home. Of all the houses they break in, they like the one whose occupants, a husband and wife pair are more giving and caring.

The movie is lyrical at times and takes a look at life from an outsider’s perspective. Through the hero's detached view of life you are made to see the life of various peoples as an outsider. The silence that irritates u at the start slowly becomes something admirable at the end.


sin city:

No this is not about vegas .This is a screen version of an comic book. This movies excels technically, this is the closest that u can get to portraying a comic on screen. This dark movie has 3,4 stories intertwined by small incidents.

The movie is in black and white. Not the typical B&W it has a metallic tone to it.Dresses are mostly in leather, provided that the characters are wearing them. Most of the time the background fades out and you are made to focus on the characters, The stunts and the body motion are all comic style. The movie is a beautiful representation of a comic. But the good things stops with the technical part, the movie is loaded with violence and has a story that is as shallow as a COMIC book.

Well dont look into the logic of how a confederate ship ended in timbuktu. Take it as it and enjoy the story. The movie is an adventure trip as the hero goes into the remote parts of africa searching for a treasure laden ship confederate ship. But the greatest part is just seeing the remote parts of western africa, rest of the movie is usual hero beats the villain stuff.

Another adventure story set in the deserts of africa. This time it is a horse story. An all american hero fights hard and wins a 3000 mile endurance race in the deserts of africa. The man from the west fights with the tribes and Bedouins of the desert to prove everyone that the American horse is the best.

The horse that comes in the movies looks like a creature that was lifted from a cartoon book. With animated eyes, this is one unique horse.

A lot like love:
The movie has its funny moments ,but fails in the romantic ones.Oliver Martin(Ashton Kutcher) meets Emily Friehl(Amanda Peet) in an aircraft bathroom.Oh an aircraft bathroom. They join the Mile High Club and this epic romantic love story spans 6/7 years,with maniratnam like info, after 1 year, after 2 years, after 4 years, after 6 months etc. When the last info of this great love pairs, love time line comes up, you will be tired. Through this torturous time line the director makes sure that everybody really really yearns for the pair to get married.Nice technique.

Its an american romance movie, you know the climax. In tamil, the hero rushes with "niruthunga"(stop), when the priest is about to get the heorine married to another guy.It is 'Noooo' during the wedding ceremony in a english movies.But this one doesn't get that close to a marriage, things are set right even before that.

Heard a lot about 2 IRON. No way to see it here.

I started to watch Sin City, but as I'm not much into the comics, I didn't complete. Gory scenes and usual crazy stuff from Tarantino and Rodriguez. :-)
hidalgo -is okay movie

Sahara - want to see that one.
Saw Crash a couple of days back..really apreciated it.Now watching Sin City.
posted about 2 movies on this list just yesterday. i liked 'sin city' but thot 'sahara' was boring.
u mean 3 iron.yeah it is awesome.But u have to get the concept first to enjoy it. yeah sin city had lot of violence.

yeah.check out crash too.

u will like sin city.It is all cartoon err animation.

yeah balaji i saw that.i didn't like the violence in sin city.technically it was awesome.
hmmm...surprised u gave sin city an "ok" rating....! i thought it was ultimate!
as i said in the review.i found it technically excellent.But no real story, just mindless bloodshedding.
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