Monday, September 26, 2005

Ganguly Vs Chappell

This issue is going to make or break indian cricket.We will see some light if ganguly goes otherwise we are doomed for ever. After successfully humiliating john wright, the saurav-mahendra-dalmiya gang is about to do it to chappell, that too publicly. And the prospective of seeing another foreign coach for india will never become true. Even if a foreign coach comes, he will make sure, he makes the captain, the BCCI president and Mr.dalmiya HAPPY. Politicizing Indian cricket will be completed.

It is pathetic that we have allowed ganguly to stay so long.After all these years of international cricket. He still cannot run between the wickets and since the day the fast bowlers found his week spot, he hadn't done a thing to correct it. We are literally playing with 10 guys every match.I was watching the ind-pak one day match that was played in cochin the other day.saurav ganguly comes and gets out in first ball, plays across and misses the ball, leg stump takes a walk. rameez raja comments "sourav is inventing new ways to get out". This guy has been below average for quite sometime, but he is still there, why i don’t know.

you cannot just pay a coach thousands of dollars and wish that the team will change.A team is as strong as the weakest link in the team. And as a captain if ganguly is not ready to change,How can he demand something from other team members.The days of goundappa vishwanath and gavaskar are over.International cricket is a very demanding job nowadays, and there is no place for slackers in have to be 100% fit and active in todays cricket, if not, you got to GO. It does not matter whether it is sourav or sachin. In a nation of billion people where cricket is THE sport, there will always be someone to replace them.

You cannot beat australia just by dreaming and being happy with one or two lucky matches, you have to be consistent and you have to be disciplined.We have an coach who is commited to make the team the best, he is going to be demanding and hard, you have to give it to him.Forget Australia and England even srilanka is a better team than us.If you want to beat the BEST,you have to become the BEST.

Hits =10,000 unga page ku ..just wait for 2 hrs !!!!!!!!

Me too ,irritated with Ganguly !!!!!He has to go now !!!
ramki you are there and here also.
Senthil, I stopped watcing cricket long time back.
Looks like great days for other sports in india atlast

Ramki now its ur turn ;)
Grr.. expected compromise.Iam sure he will step down after the 2 test series

yeah already tennis is drawing more viewership it seems.
Like you, i also hope that he doesn't score a century in this one...

Going by the current trend i won't be very surprised if Dalmiya's had a hand in the betting and match-fixing thing....[everyone knows he was AWARE of the thing before it hit daylight]

Whoever said Indian's wanted to win ? :P
senthil, good to see someone writing about cricket. I visit your pages regularly but run away seeing those parallel bengali movie reviews. Ungal tamil movies, policing and cricket posts paarthu romba aruthal. Blogrolled you.
guess i have been scaring a lot of people like you :).Now and then i do regular posts also....
i too have added you.
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