Monday, September 19, 2005



An awesome picture from the ashes final. The fielder in air, the ball and the faces of audience.

Where is the ball?? :-)
check out the top of the pic at a 45 degree angle from the fielders hand.

Cool shot love ever thing about it, the expressions are priceless.
Oh yeah! got it!! Superb!
KL, yeah this is a photographers dream.
nice pic from the ashes man.after a long time i saw a complete day of cricket-the last day of the ashes.glad that england finally got their hands on the ashes.u seem 2 be a major movie buff!anyway this om puri film reminds me of a tamil short story i recently read in which an old man single handedly digs a well.u seen ray movies?my fav so far is agantuk and mahanagar.from ur name i am guessing ur a bengali?
'awesome'.. I can see this expression in most of those spectators faces...
:).NO iam not a bengali, iam a wood tamilian :).DId u read the full review in alternative will be soon writing about all my fav bengali movies.check out.

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