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Chashme Buddoor - 1981

The gory violent ones, the uncreative one, the story that is remade the millionth time, the highly melodramatic ones and many more types of movies have come in indian film scene. But this one is different. It is a beautiful flower in midst of those garbage’s. A movie which is realistic, clean , funny, sensitive and brimming with sweetness. I would say this is probably the most sweetest movie ever made in india. Atleast i for one haven’t seen such a clean and delightful movie filled with innocence and simplicity. This movie for me shows the amount of innocence that our movies have lost in the past 25 years.

It tells the story of 3 roommates. Siddharth Parashar(Farooq sheikh), omi(Rakesh Bedi ) and Jai Lakhanpal (Ravi Vaswani).Enters Neha Rajan(Deepti Naval) in there life. Both omi and jai go behind her and fail. But they project as if they were successful in wooing her. But in reality neha falls in love with siddharth. When omi and jai come to know that, they try to sabotage their relationship, what happens to there plans is the end.

Not much of a story isn't it. But the movie is sheer magic because of the screenplay. The characterization and the funny tone of the story makes it one sweet romantic movie. Our lives as such has so many funny moments that we dont have to make exaggerated slapstick comedy scenes to make peoples laugh. chashme buddoor points those funny moments. whether it is neha lost in her own world practices singing at the bus stop or omi and jai's lies to the others about how they impressed neha even though they failed to do so, or the usual problems of the room mates, these are scenes that can happen in out own lifes.Those kind of realistic scenes and screenplay makes this movie more closer to us.You would have definitely encountered the characters of this movie in real life or probably you could be the one.

The movie is a show case of sai's creativity. The movie starts with credits on photographs of leaders like gandhi, nehru etc. That is the first still and the second still the great leaders are replaced with a still of semi nude girls representing the preference of different room mates. From the start of the movie itself you will know that this movie is going to be a different one.

Few of my favorite funny scenes in the movie are
#)scantly clad Omi and jai jumping from the roof seeing neha at there door steps.

#)omi attempts to impress neha,he goes to her house. After seeing him neha thinks that he is a plumber and asks him to repair the sink. After failing in his attempt, heartbroken omi comes and sits in a park. A pair comes and sits next to him. First the women sits near him, but the guys looks at omi and asks her to sit on the other corner and he sits next to omi.The heartbroken, visible dejected omi listens to them talk

Women:yes darling
Man:kuch nahi bus,(Nothing, just like that) darling darling

omi at the height of frustration leaves the place.A simple scene made funny. When omi narrates how he impressed neha, he explains that he sat in the same chair and the original lover guy was sitting next to them alone and was looking at them dejectedly.

Sai paranjpaye brings her female sensitivity and sweetness to all the characters in the movie.I wish she had made more movies like this.


Music is by Rajkamal.

1)Is nadi ko mera -Shailendra Singh, Haimanti Sukla
Omi dreams about neha and sings a duet in the old kings and queens fashion.

2)Kaali ghodi dwar khadi -Yesudas, Haimanti Sukla

I have heard kahan se aaye baddra so many times in the KJY hindi hits, but i didn hear kale godhrey till i saw the movie.I was delighted to hear this song. what a wonderful song.Kali gode dhwar khadi(black horse is standing outside) is sung by deepthi naval at her music class.The song shows the funny scenes of how deepthi practices her songs at public places. She practices her song in the mind with hands going up and down with the swaras of the song.She sings Kali gode dhwar khadi(black horse is standing outside)at the bus stop, she utters "kali ghodi pe ghorey saiya chamukhe" there comes our hero Farooque sheik in black yezdi.

3)Kahan se aaye badra -Haimanti Sukla, Yesudas
The pick of the albumn is this song.A vintage KJY song.

Listen to the songs
#) Kahan Se Aaye Badra

the other songs are

4)Ansoo ki aarti -Haimanti Sukla
5)Pyar lagawat -Haimanti Sukla, Shailendra Singh

Unfortunately the full version of "khali ghodi" and "is nadhi ko" are not available anywhere on the let.Here is a sample of the songs

You can also hear the songs here at (works only in Internet Explorer)

The movie does not have a lot of characters.The cast also includes
Saeed Jaffrey .... Lalan Mian
Leela Mishra .... Neha's grandmother
Vinod Doshi .... Neha's Dad
Ranjan Grewal .... Neha's Brother
Amitabh Bachchan .... Guest Appearance
Rekha .... Guest Appearance

unfortunately chashme buddoor was released with some great movie.It was 1981 and the new wave cinema was at its full bloom. It lost most of the awards because of that.
In filmfare it lost the best film to kalyug, best director to muzzafar ali(umrao jaan) .Even in the comedy section it lost the Best Performance In A Comic Role. Both Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani who were both nominated but they lost it to Utpal Dutt's performance in hrishikesh mukherjee's (Naram Garam).

#)The movie had the credits saying introducing Ravi Vaswani.Ravi vaswani was the properties-in-charge in sai's earlier movie sparsh.

#)Vinod Doshi, Neha's dad in the movie is the chairman of Premier Automobiles Limited(Premier padmini).


what will happen if one great screenplayer get's inspired by another?.That too if both of them are very good with comedy scenes.The result should be hilarious right??.

Yep.One example of it is K.Bhagyaraaj's "Indru poi Naalai Vaa".In Indru poi naalai vaa, Bhagyaraj has taken the chashme buddoor thread and has weaved it in his own style.The movie takes the core of 3 men after a women and tells it in the native context. Various componenets of the movie gets modified in IPNV. Like the pan shop owner Lallal miya of CB become the dhobi kuruva, first song "Is nadhi ko aayina" becomes "madhana moga ruba sundara" , the yezdi with the starting problem comes in IPNV as the yezdi that will start only if it sees a women and the crazy climax of kidnap and rescue is almost the same.But no IPNV does not do any straight rip offs.

Another movie that inspired by CB, again by another good comedy screenplay writter.This time it is priyadarshan.The plot of gopuravasaliley where friends try to proove to karthick that they have been close to bhanu priya is an inspiration from CB.

nice info but BagyaRaj has lost his edge isnt it?
hey where do you get to see all these great movies. Could share the place you these movies. I would love to see them
I went to 'gopura vasalile' with more expectations out of Priyadharshan - due to my positive impression after seeing his malayalam flicks 'chitram' and 'vandhanam'.

But I was not that impressed with 'gopura vasalile'.

however I liked his all-women thriller 'Snehidhiye'.
And what happens when some guys (not actually smart ppl this time) made a hindi movie, in turn, inspired from the Bhagyaraj movie? - We get a movie where one can hardly see the similarity with Chashme Buddoor.
Dammmmm I was about to suggest indru poyi nalai vaa as I was reading your post.. and lo right there you wrote about it, plucking away from my thoughts.. I love indru poyi nalai vaa any day...

good review sen

thanxs.yeah he is out now.He still can write good screenplay and it might run, provided if he doesn't torture us by playing the lead role.

Local DVD store , the rest i buy from internet.there are so many sites.

gp was better than many of the tamil movies that came out during that time.There are a lot of good priyadarshan/mohanlal movies, sanmanasullorkku samadhanam, thalavattam etc. check them out to

I know that many of Kbhagyaraj's movie got remade.Did they remake remade Indru poi naalai vaa??.

thot of both 'indru poi naalai vaa' and 'gopura vaasalile' when i read the story. good to know i wasn't wrong :-)
'gopura vaasalile' was actually a poor remake of 'paavam paavam rajakumaran' with srinivasan. i guess that might've been inspired by 'chasme buddoor'
Someone made a movie called Padosan which borrowed the parody-of-tamilians ("ayyo"-kinds) from the original Padosan, but was technically a remake of Indru Poi Naalai Vaa (which I suppose the director himself admitted in some interview).

and yeah, Gopura Vaasalile was copied/sourced/remade (as you would please) from the mallu land, as the name of the director should indicate! I haven't seen the original. But, something (may be, the director) tells me Balaji must be right!
oops! the title was "Nayee Padosan"..
But, something (may be, the director) tells me Balaji must be right! - This, I meant on Balaji's comment that GV is a POOR remake. Remake, sure it was!
was Pavam^2 rajkumaran priyadarshan's movie??.

thanxs for the info.Lot of time i wished i had met mehmood somewhere he is unprotected.I would have beaten him to death for introducing that imaginary accent man.
was Pavam^2 rajkumaran priyadarshan's movie??
I had presumed that the answer was NO. But, verified it yesterday (and NO, it was!).
no, PPR defly wasn't priyan's movie. dont remember the director(so might've been kamal as the imdb listing says) but writing was unmistakably srinivasan's.
writing was unmistakably srinivasan's
if u hadn't noticed IMDb says that too.
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