Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ambalappuzhe Unni kannaodu

I asked jo to sing this song for me.He posted it today.i have been hearing the song all day.What a song.JO has done a great job.The song is a beautiful melody, i saw the song in some jayaram hits.It was nicely picturized, jayaram singing the song in midst of a thousand lights.Heard that adwaitham is a great movie too.check out the song here.

Adwaitham in Musicindia
In Raaga

Thanks man. :-) Good to know that you liked it.
senthil namma valaipathivu pakkam varamteengara ?
senthil comment ippo velai seyudhupa :)
btw saw this lousy movie of Constatine. Starring Kenavu Reeves
Thanks for the Request. It is a great song. And JO is great indeed.
Thanxs to you,for providing him with the audio blog account, we are able to hear his songs mainly because of that.
True, Sen. If it wasn't because of him, I wouldn't have thought about it. My hearty thanks to him.
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