Thursday, August 04, 2005

I moved >>>>>>>>

I was very busy for the past few days.I moved to a new apartment and was setting up my place, hence no post.I was "supersizing Myself" for the past 3 days.Yep 3 times a day for the last 3 days.Iam already feeling sick :(

Iam kind of done with those stuff now.So iam back to Blogging :).

Change feels good and Change breeds change.Iam going to move my stories, pictures and reviews on good movies to seperate blogs.

Stories to Dream weaver
Pictures to Thousand Words
movies to Alternate Movies

Anybody who wants to contribute to Alternate movies let me know.Iam planning to make this as a information place for indian parallel movies.

Sen, Nice 'move' :) Glad to see things organized.
thanxs ml
Good to see you back. Keep blogging! :-)

nice 'pun' ;)
Same pinch hehehe.I know I know so childish :D
that's good database.. But I felt the first post, being a long one.. pretty longgggg...
I mean, the parallelmovies post... the award winning directors & actresses.. a good one again.
thanxs ram,
i have to break it.just cut and pasted from the mian one.will do it soon.
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