Thursday, August 04, 2005

Blog round up

Jo chetta has uploaded some beautiful melodies that he has sung.

TJ Swami has posted his green memories of adi 18 here

Magic Lens has got some great pics up.check out the swing.Also see cosmic blob's glass

vijay ramamurthi is funny he has got some humourous posts here,
here and here.

Arjuna speaks talks about music director M. Jayachandran here

is discussing about open source programmers here

Am honoured to be featured here :)
thanks Sen.
Thanks Sen to feature my post here :)
Thanks for linking me here!
pleasure is mine guys.
Senthil - had no idea that my blog was "featured" here..coz I didn't know that you visited my blog!! I am jumping for joy :-D Thanx!!

p.s. Make your presence felt sometimes...when you drop by !

p.s.p.s. I have visited your blog a couple of times but not too much into movies - so have anything to say.
i did leave some in the old ones.Anyways i have added u in my photo visit it once in a while, i might have pictures that might intrest you :)
Thanks for linking to my post bro.
no problemo
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