Monday, August 01, 2005

Americkavil Anniyan

The tamil movie anniyan was released in US pretty much on the same day as in india. Raghu went with couple of his friends to the movie. The movie was over and everybody was out. The interesting part of any movie watching started. Yes iam talking about the post criticizing section. After usual appreciations and brickbats, Raju sir commented. Raju was the eldest of the group, he has been in america for a while and he was the man who knew supposedly knew everything.Everybody asks advice from him on all the issues and was called raju sir with respect.Coming back to raju sir's comment.Raju sir said "i loved the singapore/japan example. It was simply superb, see how a small nations have developed like that and look at our country, he said. I think we need lot of anniyans to clean up our system".

Raghu was little irked, he said "raju sir singapore's population is less that 4.5 million. Whereas population of greater chennai itself is supposedly 10 million. Our country's population is 1 billion. how can u compare these 2 countries?". he asked."No, no it is not about the population, our people have to change. Nobody in india cares about the country, they all care about themselves. Did u see the break wire manufacturing guy, the railway meals contractor, the guy who didn't give his car at the accident spot. Everybody is caring about themselves. And the common public is trying to escape from the problems rather than face it.That's why we need people like anniyan who can stand up and face the problems, punish those bad guys. Every common man has to become a anniyan, he has to stand up and do something to solve the countries problems", told raju sir in one breath.

Shyam another gang member realizing Raju sir getting excited & emotional, wanted to change the topic. He asked him "Sir,i forgot to say. Tomorrow we are planning to have a picnic, few of our guys and families are coming. why don’t u join us tomorrow?".

Raju sir took a while to change from the Anniyan context. "ohhhh tomorrow, sorry it's not possible, iam busy tomorrow. The american citizenship that i applied for has come through, i have to take the pledge tomorrow" told that 'ANNIYAN'.

*Anniyan -> An outsider
For a group, COUNTRY or universe

*I was talking with someone about anniyan and that person told something similar to what the character raju sir said.I took a minute and distanced myself from that conversation. And looked at that person. The result was this story.

i didnt like the movie, i hated it and blogged about it,
but i still cant dismiss wat shanker is trying to say!
as a movie its bad but the content cant be dismissed tat easily!

We can see people all around the place with such paradoxical stands...oorukku thaan ubadesam it is called :P
The way i see it, Raghu cannot blame Raju for being an American Citizen and still having an opinion about the conditions in India.
How many times we all have been frustrated and had a strong opinion about things and yet were unable to do a thing to change the situation? Is 'Raju'
different from anyone of us?
Or is Raghu trying to tell us Raju has no right to talk about the conditions in India since he accepted the citizenship of another country?

What is the real reason behind this story?
senthil wait panna manam illayo ? :)
I think its just another hyped movie. I have also blogged about it. :-)
Yes it was loaded with masala.The message gets buried as a one liner in the whole gamut of things in the movie.

yep.that's what triggered me to write about it.

Iam not against someone having a opinion.

First of all i want everyone to interpret things their own way.I dont want others to see things the way i see it.

The reason behind the story was the irony.Everybody is escaping the problems and dreaming for the arrival of an anniyan.So here both a illiterate ricksha wala and raju sir are equally guilty.

there wasn't anything else to post.If you have already doner it.let me know.i pwill put it again.

i saw ur post.
It all boils down to owning the responsibility. You are always expecting the other to do it for you.

And it's ingrained - We are always looking towards the state to provide for us.

To borrow and modify a trite phrase, Those who want to, Do! Those who want to, but dont want to do it themselves, preach!
On a totally unrelated note, Thangal Vendugolukku inanga, have finally gotten a new blog out... Thanks for the free advt. space ;-)
This is called pseudo-patriotism!! I get bugged too when people compare India with the developed/rich countries. Most countries are bound by one common factor atleast like language, religion etc.

Shankar movies are like fried vegetables. Howmuchever healthy the vegetables are, everything gets lost in the frying!!
yep.u summed it with the quote.

me too :)
nice story that touches on the mindset of a lot of NRIs. liked the fact that u havent been critical of raju. lots cases where people r not able to help rather than not willing to help.
btw, a supposedly more realistic director like cheran did the same comparison too :)
When is the next post?
yea...i was about to ask the same...y no updates !
Hey, yeah... what is the matter?
kalakkara machhi, I really liked this post, I guess we agree on a lot of issues anyway:p
Sorry I didnt leave any comments of late coz I seriously didnt feel like there was anything I could contribute to the other posts. Interesting post dude!
thanxs.which movie are u talking abt??

was a little busy.iam back though.thanxs for asking.

thanxs buddy.
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