Friday, July 29, 2005

Telugu Film Music

Thought i will post some more telugu songs and also give an introduction to people who are not aware of telugu songs.If you are a IR, spb, chithra or janaki fan you should not miss telugu songs.There are some awesome songs by these greats in telugu.

IR's telugu compositions are very different from tamil.They are jazzy , pacy and more sweeter than tamil, well iam talking only about the GOOD songs.A cheeranjivi dance, Illayaraja music and SPB singing a song was a deadly combination.SPB will sing with all kinds of absurd english and hindi words, i used to think how stupid those songs where, but it is an era that has gone by and that is never going to come back.Now looking back at those compositions, i find them rich in composition, the jazzy tunes and the verstaile SPB showing his prowess duely supported by S janaki,sighhhh those days are not going to come back.In many of those songs you can see heavy use of trumpets, electirc guitars & drums.Even though all modern instrument where used, invariably the song will change into a dappanguthu (folk beat).IR is just amazing in changing the music and feel of the song.

If we come out of those dance numbers there are some beautiful melodies in telugu, the sweetness of the language comes out through these many melodies.I always felt that chithra's voice was more sweeter in telugu than in malayalam or tamil.And off course there are these SPB SJ songs or rather competitions, where both of them will be trying to out perform each other.

Iam putting 4 songs two spb/sj and 2 spb/chithra.All IR compostions are great, i just took two randomly and analysing them.Two enjoy them, have a open mind and dont relate the way a telugu word sounds to tamil or other language words.

Let's start with SP and SJ.Here the song once without reading the explanation and hear it again :).


This is one of my favourite trumpet songs.Follow the different instruments and you can see the greatness of the maestro.

Rythmic drumming (pedals) starts the song.It sets up the rhythm and pace of the song.The regular beats joins .Voice humming take's over (pa paba pa).It sets the feel of the song to come .The voices reach a cresendo and Yes trumpets start.Question of the trumpets are answered by the electric guitar.The trumpets and guitar change to a flat rhythm for the start of the song.

(0:38)SPB takes over with his humming (Hey he he hey), the humming is almost a continuation of the sound made by the trumpets , the trumpets die down and he moves into the song.The trumpets now appear with a different but powerful sound.A basic rhythm is set in the background by congo/drums.The first 2 lines have single words broken up and given lot of stress.Its a powerplay between the trumpets and the voice.Al music stops for a second to welcome the voice change.SJ takes over, she does the same routine.

the first words Sayankalam sagaratheeram are broken up with powerful trumpets finishing it

The single word sayankalam & sagaratheeram is made into
SA YAN KA LAM trumpets, Sa Ga RA THee Ram trumpets

A contagious energy is already generated.

1st interlude starts with keyboards layers of electric guitar and drums are placed on it.Electric guitar takes the lead for while. Oh did we forget trumpets , here they come again. After a brief period of lead by the trumpets the music is again changed. See how the music is slowed down to pave the way for the male voice.The drums are gone the guitar strums a softer rhythm and in the wind section the powerful trumpets are replaced by the softer flute .

1.53 1st para starts with spb singing drum's/congo's accompany, the rhythm is changed now. Trumpets are still following the song at the end of lines.2.12 the male voice ends sj takes over but spb is still humming, ending sj's lines harmonizing the high points of SJ's vocals. Let's do a check on the feel of the song now.The feel is changed, it is more of a Folkish song than the jazzy song it started with. SPB sings the pallavi at the end of the saranam. The song again gets back on track form the folkish feel in the second interlude.

2.38 2nd interlude starts with some powerful base guitar (2.44) followed by two trumpets the weaker one counter pointing the stronger one. Again see the finish, the wind section changes to a softer melody, flute is introduced to slow down the song for the start of second paragraph

This time the voices are reversed Sj starts the song and hums to harmonize SPB's high points, whereas spb starts late and continues. SJ sings the pallavi.

The songs comes to a close with both voices singing the first two broken words repeatedly and trumpets bringing to an abtrupt end.

That's the maestro for you.


There is no way you cannot laugh and frolic with SJ when u hear this song.Spb on a rampage doing all sorts of antics and SJ the heroine happy to get all the attention that she is getting.A classic SPB/SJ song.Oh did we forget the music director.

if you are wondering why SJ is laughing it is because of the lines

Navindi mallechendu - > flower has laughed

The song comes when radhikha expresses her love to chiranjeevi.The hero is extremely happy and as usual a songs flows out of that extreme happiness

This is also a nice composition but I leave it up to you to decipher it.The song has got some intresting violin pieces and xylophone??.

OK... lets move on to SPB/chithra.

Song: Ennadey

you would have heard this song in tamil or hindi.But it is best in telugu.The sweetness starts right from the humming. The beautiful violin pieces and SPB, chithra's voice adds to the magic.

Film:Bopilli raja

I went crazy over this song, when i heard it.I will be frustruating my friends by humming the first line "BP BB ahha ekkey nerthukunta" repeatedly.Later i came to know that whole andhra went crazy over this song.

*This is my effort with the little musical knowledge that i posses.All the big guys dont beat me.Corrections are welcome.

All dance numbers. Coudn't control laughing when I heard SJ laughing. The flower must have been ROTFLd. :-))
will listen and post later.
Good one! Appreciate your lines which say "dont relate the way a telugu word sounds to tamil or other language words"...Thats exactly what happens when people listen to other lang songs, they try to relate the words with their mothertongue and make fun of the same instead of enjoying a good song.
First 2 songs were new to me, and hey Balapampatti is my all time fave telugu song. I still remember the first time i saw/heard this song in DD during their "Chitramaala" programme. I can still pic Venkatesh & Divya Bharati dancing to the song everytime i listen.
Hearing the first to songs for the first time. But the last two will definitly will in my fav list. Prema is a fun movie with a sad ending love Revathi in it & Venky ofcourse. I remember my bros going ga ga over Divya Bharathi LOL.
:).prema is not really a dance number.

ghannu bhai,
me waiting

yep, that is something that many people do.And have a false superiority complex about their language.

u havn't heard the first 2??. there is a big list like this in telugu.I still havn't seen it.I stop at listening to telugu music, i watched a couple of the movies and got my lesson,which is not to watch a movies just because of the song.

i love the first one for the trumpets, one of fav.Havn't seen both prema and BP.Yeah Divya created a stir with that movie.
Senthil, am amazed by your language diversity. oru naL Bengali, oru nal Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Assame nu veLuthu vangaringa..:)
sriks....u forgot to list Malayalam :))
yellam oru national integration than
Nice post!
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