Friday, July 22, 2005

Rui Ka bojh(The weight of cotton)

A nice, clean & different movie.The comedy in this movie is very unique, you dont know whether to laugh or feel sad for a situation. The story of an ageing parent and his children’s have been told in so many movies. But this one is something different form all the others that i have seen.It is a mild comedy, which arises out of the realistic situations, you as a viewer can see the comedy of a serious scene played by the characters. People who know hindi can enjoy it better as comedy get's lost in the translated subtitles lot of time.

The story is based on chandra kishore jaiswal's novel "GAWAH GHAIR HAZIR".

The movie is the story of kishunshah(pankaj kapoor),who after dividing his properties decides to stay with his youngest son Ramsharan (Raghuveer yadav).Ramsharan wants to take care of his dad well.He tells his wife(Reema Lagoo) to provide him with all that he needs.As time goes by kishunshah starts complaining like the other old men and starts making mountains out of mole hills.Things get out of hand and one day ramsharan manhandles his father.Kishunshah decides to snap all his relationship with the family and spend rest of his life in a temple.The rest is climax.

The movie does not deal the subject with all the sadness.It deals it with humour and pin points the misunderstandings and mistakes of the older people.kishunshah's helping hand are his grandsons nunulal, chunma, munma.Mainly chunma, the kid who played that role was sweet.The scenes between him and his grandfather are funny.

Similarly the scenes involving kishunshah's and his daughter in law are also good.
The movie does not go on the route of greedy,uncaring son and duaghter in law.It tells the story realistic with lot of comedy.

Pankaj kapoor is awesome in the movie.I can't imagine anybody else doing this role like him.He has done the role to perfection, good supporting roles by raghuveer yadav and rema lagoo.The movie is Directed by subash agarwal and produced by NDFC.

one time balumahendra said about kamal, "we have tolerate 9 trash movies from him to see 1 good movie"
since you have seen many different movies I think you have some credibility in your arguement saying there are better actors than kamal :)

Naradhar kalagam start panniachu ;)
me not coming to this game.
there are better actors than kamal

Robbie...ita keta sema-koooobi than...Robbiee engapa..kannum..
oops missed --
You said it all 'TRASH MOVIES' but kamal acted well in each one of them:P and btw did you watch this movie to make such comparisons. I would suggest that you watch it and then comment. I guess you are arguing for the sake of argument anyway and btw my humble suggestion, write something constructive about the review instead of drawing abstract comparisons.

Sriks: Seems like you were anxiously salivating for my response, so here goes, you cannot define greatness to the mediocre mind can you?

Sorry to go off topic here but I loved your review. Seems like an interesting movie.I guess one has to watch it to appreciate it. Seems like karamchand finally decided to do something good. The old father getting on the nerves of the son must have been hilarious. I can imagine the sons irritation that he went to the extent of manhandling his father haha!
i want to stay clear from those topics.Atleast not in this post.will talk kamal in a kamal post.

yes it was hillarious at places.exactly he iritates his son and pushes him to man handle him.
there r better actors than kamal (no doubt) but r there better stars who can act better than kamal? i dont think so, amithab nu mottum solladengol,

and iw atch only tahmiz and angilam movies, after watching shah do his routine i got disgusted wit hindi films.

senthil, communist manifestoum ongalin views um konjam similar thana,adu nala progress shudnt be a problem, and u can post ur views on tat book, not reviews,
ok.i will write what i learnt from the communist manifesto.
Quite surprising that such a theme is dealt with humour! Pankaj Kapoor is a terrific actor. Have you watched a movie called 'Main Zinda hoon' with him and Deepti Naval. I was hoping you would include that in your 80s spl. But this came out in the late 80s.
thanxs for the pointer,will check that out.
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