Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Robbie Masala

Iam doing this post according to the resolution passed at the DC Desi bloggers meet.For those who don't know, it is "If some one scratch's thy back, you scratch his".

Robbie did a post on the DC Desi bloggers.Off all the bloggers who were mentioned by Robbie, one person was left out.It was none other than himself.Thought i will write about ROBBIE.Iam gonna do it in my ishhtyle.

His Real Name:
He wants to be anonymous,so iam not going to reveal that.I would just like to say that his name is a big irony to his left leaning, agnostic??athestic beleifs.When i first heard the name i thought this guy should be one BIG Fruit, surprisingly he turned out otherwise.

The straight shooter:
Robbie never minces word.we once asked arvind to sing a song.I wont say arvind as a bad singer, i would say he is the someone who has all the potential to become a good singer, someone who has to improve a little(a very relative term) bit,someone who is in the lower rungs of the ladder to become a great singer, guess you would have understood it by now.After arvind sang, ganesh was like yeah yeah it was ok. For me it was a fight between being true and hurting others sentiment, atlast the seond option won and i was also like yeah yeah it was good.But robbie not only outrightly told him it was bad, he started pulling his legs from the next time onwards.Cruel robbie killed a budding singer.

Doesn't it rhyme with Dolittle??.Noo he is not a vetenary doctor or the other Big Ape doctor.He is doing his Phd.Ahemmm... Phd in some cell #@$!!*&.I was at his house,First the idea was to stay at his place and have dinner. I had some chocolates and was feeling thirsty.I asked him some water, i was casually commenting that today its sultry and iam feeling very thirsty.He started saying that it is because of the chocolate i had.He said something like, the chocolates takes the oxicacid from the cells and so the cells need blah blah and after that it was all %^&*$$$$ ))(&*&^%$$####$%%%^ for me. The Dr explained me the science of my thirst.i thought to myself, Hmmm i just asked him a simple glass of water.I decided not to have dinner at his place.

Action Hero, fan of universal Hero:
Me, robbie and ganesh were talking about some topic, think it was poor people or caste sytem in india.Robbie started saying that how the current system is not allowing the downtrodden to come up etc.Well i thought it is just another tea shop talk.He then told about his personal experiences about how the servant maid & her family who work at his grand parents place will remain the same even for the next few generation.He said he thought that the class structure that is in place now is a reason for it and he threw away his sacred thread to come out of such a structure.I looked at him with admiration.ON these kind of issues not many people put what they think, into action. He is one of those very few action heroes .Maybe iam judging him soon, maybe he was trying to follow his favourite hero,the universal hero :), the one & only oscar probable from india(sarcastic smile :)) Kamala hassan(yeah he is a step away from being termed a kamal fanatic).

well what else can i say about him. Actually, i already overshoot what i was paid for by 200 words.so THE END.

PS:Robbie dont forget to send the money to my address.


Well Robbie did not get to choose his name ! ;p

Ahem, Killed a budding singer...yaaravadhu idha pathi ellam kaetangala - inga srikanth, chinmayi, ganesh nu periya pattalame irukku....me be better off writing reviews dude ;-) :-)))))
Intresting Blog thaan kandippa ....
Instead of blaming the social structure ,i will blame the government schools ,which don't function well or provide a good environment.

If having the same quota system for 50 years ,it directly indicates that nothing has improved .If it has improved ,why not remove the quota system or change it !I' m not sure why some particular castes ( i don't want to put them on paper ) inspite of their much much improved social status are still branded as BC/ MBC and try to get seats ...The QUota system has to be there only for rural and SC/ST people who are not treated equally in our society ..Infact we need good schools for them -very unfortunately is missing .

In My expereince of teaching the poor students in chennai ,it is the schools ,their environment which causes them to be like this .When these students were separted from their environment ,given separate coaching then they excelled !!!

In Today's society there is less caste bias in several areas as compared to previous years .I'm not sure why we have failed to recognise this !
that is the same reason why i didn't act in movie and iam writing movie review :D.

Intresting argument.Let's talk about it in a seperate post.Let me put my next post on it.

I know that this is a sensitive thing for many peoples.My idea of telling that point was to let people know that, like robbie we should be ready to take the extra step for what we think is right.

Before someone says anything,let me clarify.I definitely dont want anyone to argue the merit and demerits of his decision on my account.so spare this post.we will deal this as a seperate issue and not on the right and wrongs of a individual's decison.
naanum venumnaaa Robbie pathi ezhudharen..

Daily 500-600 visit varum.. oru cuttings vetta sollunga robbie-yaa
i just saw ur MASAT stuff.now this comment. what is happening??.Are u planning to be the first man who became a millionaire through blogs.

I can see what is going to come from you next."Earn money through computer, sitting at home" kind of ads :).
hehehehehhehe :)
ezhuthungappa ezthuthanga
Senthil dude!! hahahahah! I couldnt help laughing. You did not eat at my place coz of my explanation? The next time thannila vesham kallakaporen, hahah, thanks for writing such a long one about me. I am honored dude! I owe you a treat at the mexican place... tell me when you are free:P
LOL, very funny esp. the explaination about thirst.
I want you to have a peep in the comments section of my current blog if you get time, something important is brewing.
enna senthil intha vaaram sariyana formla irukkinga pola irukku. ippadi pottu thakarenga.
gahannu bhai,
enna achu, u r talking like that famous dialog from sigappu rojakkal
"kuthunga ejaman kuthunga"... :)

enna verum mexican place thana, what abt the wsh dc sheraton??


As u said taking a break from my fav movie posts.this week its going to be all non movie stuff.
thanx 4 exposing robbie.
unmaiya sollunga senthil. neenga paakara padatha pathu payandhu pona unga room mates video player marchi vechatanala thana intha mathiri post ellam podaringa.

ithe vida periya comedy news inga
senthil, kalakkitteenga.. super write up on our man Robbie. I loved to DoLittle part. Nalla velai, on that day at SSVT he did not present a paper on 'Pros & Cons of consuming Tamarind rice'... anyways enakku irundha pasiyila all I would have heard was blah, blah-blah and blah-blah-blah...
no problem.

Bang on target :).In a way its true.My old room mate used to be pissed off with me for watching parallel movies.

The link that u sent to me is indeed a good joke.

hello... i have a doubt now did u hear anything that we were talking at the meeting??
Robbie-yai nalla velai Robber-kanakkaa sollaame vitteengale. Avar pozhaichchaar.

Good observations!

hmmm now that u say this mukund
iam thinking about the real meaning of his name :)
Umm...Robbie..I thought ..until I read now...was/is a amma gown appa tie case.! I mean Anglo-Indian..Pardon my ignorance and my conclusions.!

Looks like you have a great crowd out there..Hang in there..!! Have fun.!
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