Thursday, July 28, 2005


Athai patri nan enna solvathu?,
athai patri sollavatha?, illai
athanal vantha payangallai patri sollavatha?

Athan payangal pala irukindrathu,
Ella muyarchigalayum, vetri pera udhaviyathu
vazhvin ovoru thunbathayum samalikka udhaviyathu
mallai yenna thadangal vantha pothillum
athai asaika udhaviyathu

eppadi pala vishayangalai sollallam
irunthallum athan azhagai patri sollamal irukka mudiyathu
dhidagathramana antha udambin azhagey athu thaney.
yenna yosikirirgal,
ambikayin kanavan nambiyin kai patri than

Saw so many people writing poems to narayanan sir's competition.Most of them were serious, thought i will do a light one.This is not for the competition, it is over anyway, this was just for fun.

*Ganesh didn't understand it,before others say anything.let me explain it.I just split the word nambikai as nambi and kai(Nambi's hand).I have described the first 2 para with a common meaning, making the reader understand the poem in terms of Nambikkai and revealing the split word in the last para.ghannu bhai podhumma??

ennalomo ezthura nee

Nice one, movie review ellam kidayatha ? ;)
as always...onnum manassilaayilla :))
Thanks for writing in tanglish. Nice poem, the explanation helped me understand better.
Good one..

Btw.. I am also one of those who tried at a lighter one.. Dont know whether It turned out "light" enuf
Nambikkaiyai poi odachiteengale, iyaa!!
Indha ambiyin kai ungal kavi pulanai kandu vanangugiradhu :-)
ennada kindala? :)

yenniku ningaludey comments manassilayilla :).


thanxs read urs to was funny.

Best comment :), u got good wit.

think u can also write a poem.y dont u try :)
oh i meant to say ' i didnt understand' the poem...u know language problem :)
i got that.i was just joking.
nice kavithai. u should try writing in tamil font as well.
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