Thursday, July 28, 2005

More basu chatterji movies

Chameli ki shaadi

Is an usual basu chatterji movie with loads of comedy scene.Charandas (Anil Kapoor) a jobless young guy joins an akhara(wrestling training school)run by Mastram (Om Prakash) and takes the owe of not geting married till 40.He meets Chameli (Amrita Singh) the daughter of a koyla(coal) depot owner, Kalloo mal(Pankaj Kapoor).As usual chameli's parents oppose their marriage and anil succeds with the help of a lawyer friend(Amjad khan).The efforts that they take to get this marriage done is all the movie is about.

Anil Kapoor through out the movie walks as if he has the a 8inch wings and biceps of arnold swaznegger.Amjad khan plays the role effortlessly.Young pankaj kapoor comes as an old man.Chameli's friend(Rupini),Kallo mal's wife(Bharati Acharekar) and her uncle Chadmi(Anu Kapoor) are some other charcters which add more color and comedy to the story.

A descent mild comedy.

Apne paraye

Utpal dutt , Harish(girish karnad) are brothers.Chandranath(Amol palekhar) is there cousin brother.Chandranath is a looser who wastes his time in music.His repeated efforts to start various buisness ends in failures.Shabna azmi his wife even though younger than utpal dutts wife(Ashalatha), is the one who takes care of all the house hold responsibilites. Enter Harish , his wife(Bharati Acharekar) and his son.They relocate from poona to calcutta to their brothers house.Problems arises between girish karnad's wife and shabna azmi.amol and shabna leave the house and go to village.Problems follows them there too.How they overcome those problems and get back to the old house is the rest of the story.

A visu type family story which lacks the usual basu chatterji touch.But again a clean movie with realistic characters.Good acting by shabna azmi and utpal dutt.Utpal dutt is a busy lawyer who is clueless on what is happening in the family and is hilarious in many scenes.

The movie didn't intrest me much , besides the 2 kjj songs.

Shyam Rang Rangarey is an awesome number which has two music changes where the sangathi's totally change.The other number was Gao mera Maan.

Clean family drama.


This movie is a hindi version of 7 year itch.It's the story of Ajay Singh(anupam kher).Ajay singh is a dreamy person lost in his own world of dreams.He comes to bombay to attend a wedding alone.He stays in a flat arranged by his friend.He meets Chandni(Pratibha Sinha), an aspiring actress who stays int he same flat.she frequents his apt to escape from the heat,as his apt has Air condition and her's doesn't.Ajay starts creating his own imaginary world and thoughts that the girl is frequenting his house to seduce him etc.After a few confusions all ends well.

The movie was bad in many levels.The movie stands just by anupam's acting skills.other than that the local marlyn manroe pratibha sinha does a decent job.

A movie that you will forget even before it ends.

senthil idhellaam nyayama?
unga post ukku enna comment eludharadhu?
i cannot oppose it nor can agree.

ok. thanks for letting us know that such films were made...
Looks like you're a lot into movies. Cool! For me, this week is of Sydney Pollack. Starting with Dustin Hoffman's "Tootsey". :-)
Chameli Ki shaadi, me too like it. Anil Kapoor acting is good, but saw it looong time back. Gudgudee?? dint know is deserves a mention, well i saw this too long time back so dont remember much.
hahaha wait for a while.Those kind of post will come soon.I have a big arrears of movie reviews that i have ot clear, that's y these.

"Tootsey" is a nice can see avvai shanmughi in it.

that's y i said.u will forget gudgudee even before u finish seeing it :).
Isn't Chameli Ki Shaadi a remake of 'Thooral Ninnu Pochu'?
no it is not.But there is another anil kapoor movie which is a remake of Thooral. Think even andha 7 natkal came in hindi with anil kapoor in the lead.
Senthil, you are right..I think 'Mohabbat' was the remake of Thooral Ninnu Pochu..Antha Ezhu Naatkal was remade as 'Woh Saat Din' in Hindi..Come to think of it, Anil Kapoor thrived by doing Bhagyaraj movie remakes!
Enga Chinna raasa - Beta
Veetla Visheshanga - Mr. Bechara
Sundaragandam - Andaaz

yeah.anil kappor was a pure exporter of tamil movie to north.u can find bunch of movies of kamal/parthiban etc that he remade.

But bagyaraj also got inspired from hindi :).will write about it later.
Yeah, he even acted in a remake of a Raghuvaran movie, Michael Raj! :-D
:). oh didn't know that... did he leave any about ramarajan movies.
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