Monday, July 18, 2005

Life saving hands

Raghu was reading biology.Yeah biology, raghu wants to become a doctor one day.He has been hard working for that.At that moment he was reading how the chromosomes determine the sex of a child.XX makes a girl and XY makes a boy.He was by hearting the lines "XX is girl , XY is boy", "XX is girl, XY is boy","XX is girl, XY is boy"..... on and on and on.Now and then he looked at the goddess saraswathi photo that was hanging in the wall.Brought his hand to the mouth making a praying gesture. The gesture was to please goddess saraswathi, so that he can get good marks in biology exam this time.He has been studying from 4.30 am.He was feeling sleepy.Before he could realize he had his head on the table and was sleeping.

Goddess saraswathi, who was hearing raghu's prayer in the heaven. Granted raghu his wishes.Raghu was going to get 99% this time.He will get 20/20 for answering the sex determining chromosomes question.Godess saraswathi was getting ready to take rest.when she heard some sound.That was brahma.He just returned after finishing his days work(creating his qouta of living things for the day).Later when they were together in the night,saraswati whispered in brahma's ears.I want a Boy this time(Yeah boys are prefered in heaven too).For that brahma said "hmmm that means XY chromosmes not XX chromoses...." At that same moment Raghu woke up hearing his mom coughing in the next room.

He looked up at the saraswathi picture, the goddess was all smiles and was looking at him wih grace.It took a while for him to realize that the whole brahma episode was a dream.He started thinking about the dream and was little confused.There was something wrong between chromosomes and brahma, but he didn't know what it was.And offcourse his parents will be mad at him if he raised these sort of question.First of all they dont know what a chromosome is, but they will be mad at him for thinking wrong about the gods.He didn't wanted to torture his little mind with these questions.He started reading "XX is girl XY is boy","XX is girl XY is boy".

Raghu's mom who was sick that day asked him to accompany her to the hospital.Raghu who has been reading all day, also wanted to take a break.He obliged and took her to the hospital.It was a big hospital that was part of a medical college.Raghu's mom sat at the visitor section of her regular doctor. Behind that room was some surgeon's room.

The red saree woman sitting next to raghu's mom seemed tired and sad.she started talking with his mom and the conversation which started as simple enquiries & replies form his mom became one sided as the red saree woman started telling her problems.Her husband seemed to be having some strange health issues and his complex surgeory got completed a little while before.She was sitting there to meet the surgeon and ask about the condition of her husband.

The surgeon appeared from his room, the red saree women rushed to him and asked him about her husband's conditions. Rather than the usual "Everything is alright and he will be fine", He said "He is still in critical condition.What is in our hands?.Everything is his play" and pointed his finger at the sky.He said "We have done out best,Let's see what happens.You people pray to the god, he is there" and left the place.The red saree woman sat there and cried , later when she stood up and was ready to leave the place.Raghu's mother asked with concern where she is going at this time.She said, She is going to pay the remaining money for the operation and then she is going to make a visit to Mangadu and pray the meenakshi amman to save her husband's life.

For Raghu the doctor showing his fingure to the sky and the women decision to "pay and pray" confused him again.Some thoughts started popping up."If HE is there, why did the doctor do the operation?.Wasn't the surgeons hands supposed to save the patient??".He was about to ask those questions to his mom.But decided not to.As usual he kept scilent.

Well this was a decade ago.You what to know what happened to our raghu right??.Let's say his prayers where answered.He became a famous surgeon.He is well settled now.He has his own hospital and all.You wanna meet him??.Cmon Let's go.Let's meet him in his hospital.

Here we are at the hospital.Wow did u see his office reception area, well furnished, art works everywhere.Oh he even got his own secreatry.What is that above the door to his room??.It is a big framed goddess saraswathi picture with costly sandalwood garland and all.He is loyal, he didn't forget the one who answered his prayers,see he is a great guy.There he is.He is coming out with someone.He is saying something to those peoples.Let me listen to what he is saying.Ohhhh,this is what he said."What is in our hands, everything is his play", fingers pointing to the sky.

And the moral of this story is...???
Moral of the story is to think and understand :).

'Think' has been patented by me, please pay royalty :P

It was interesting attempt. Looks like you been deeply affected by all the conversations going around God and humans :-)

Good, keep thinking :-)
Yes i was affected .but this was not the story that came out of it.There is another one, which i will post later.Think@arvind inc
very good,
Senthil have your short stories by Sri Ramakrishna paramahamsa
try reading it.
So you mean that God also plays a part in all this? Or is it just him finding a reason?
i have read ramakrishna.
Its just a few ironies about our culture.Feets firmly placed in both science and religion.example "chromosomes and brahma", studying Facts and beliving in a fiction that is against those facts.
I did not know that you are a story writer..:)

btw:I am back :)
I wasn't.Now iam, here to torture everyone with the stories :).

welcome did the albumn come up.Guess i can expect a detail blog on it very soon.
katha kelu katha kelu
raghuoda katha kelu
X Y chromosome kathaya nalla kelu
kathaya neeyum purinchikitta
ennaku konjam sollu
katha kelu katha kelu
raghuoda kathaya kelu
Hello saravannan,
Nan eppo unna title song ketanna enna?? :).Paravillaye nalla pattu vijay movie you are the lyricist.

kurulu vuttukeeren(my first audio blog) check out my blog
hmm...good one for starters. btw, i have a new title for this story
"sambhavaami yuge yuge", hehehe dont worry about the philo-meaning behind the same.
In kerala thats what we say [as a joke] when people do the same mistake again and again.

Here in this story though our hero gets pretty annoyed with the doc's attitude, he didnt do anything different when he's put in the same place years later...isnt it ironic?
thanxs . Iam glad that atlast someone understood what i was trying to say.rather than asking me what is the moral of the story :).
Good attempt! Kind of like the offbeat movies you watch! It will take time for us who are used to elaborate dramatic/cinematic styles!

Don't you think this irony lies in our everyday lives too(Atleast I've had situations where I had thought I would react differently but ended up doing the same exact things!). More so in Doctors profession since miracles do happen.
yes it happens sometime. you react like everyone else and then realize why everybody else was doing it.
The moral of the story is, if you cannot do it, blame it on god:P. Lets keep it simple isnt it?
Yep.Can't make it simpler :)
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