Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kshana kshanam -2

Today's audio blog is songs for my previous post Kshana kshanam
Here is both the telugu and tamil verison of the song.The audio quality of the telugu version is lot better than the tamil version.

Listen how the song starts with the sounds of nature and slowly goes on to a comforting lullaby type song.The heroine who is afraid at the start slowly catches the melody and joins the hero.

Telugu version
Jammu rathiri

Tamil version
Thanimai rathiri

*** Check out the beautiful voice of JO chetta here .

Aah i love this song beautifull lyrics, and nice song, got to sleep :)
the above comment was about the telugu version.
The tamil version is not bad either.
Iam not surprised.I also find the telugu version sweeter.
Yea...i like the telugu version a lot. There is something abt that lang which makes all the songs sound N times better.
yep.sundara telunghinil patt isaithu :).
My goodness! You posted the link here??? :-) Thanks a lot.
u r welcome jo
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