Monday, July 18, 2005

Here cometh another writer

Lot of people have taken up writting short stories on the net.My favourite so far has been ramki.But many stories by others gave me the confidence.My Inner me told "Dude even you can write man....".So i decided to write, but didn't wanted to write the usual sentimental love stories.I was kind of not finding anythign to write about.Recently started reading 'pudhumaipithan's' short story collection.Suddenly my mind got freed and i was thinking about so many stories.I wrote a few, but didn't dare to publish it.

Here is the first one.Get the brickbats ready.Shower it on me.

When i read this post i wanted to comment...Et tu Sen?? hehehe then i thought i better on...

Congrats, now that you have started a story session i'll look forward to a good reading time. And thanks for not opting to write any 'run of the mill' love stories.

Would be nice if u start a separate link on stories, makes it easy to search n read even in future too.

So, let the stories begin...Drumrolls!!
Thanxs magic.BTW throw those drum sticks away .I Don't want u to beat me with it if i write pathetic stories.
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