Wednesday, July 27, 2005

East Coast Bloggers Meet

Guys, How about doing a East coast bloggers meet?.What do u all think?.If yes do throw in your inputs on venue, date, activities etc.My suggestion Aug 21st New york, can participate in the indpendence day parade and probably watch Amir khan's Raising and have a overload of patriotism :).

boss 1st it will be jam packed and I think we should not mix 2 "mega" events :)
btw: make yourself free during sep 1st weeek. :)
Aug oru date sollupa
for DC meet or Sep.
NY poi mattikittu avasthai.
What Independance day parade? Are New Yorkers(Desis) celebrating Indian Independance day??
i agree, shouldn't mix 2 mega events.what is up in sep 1st week.ur audio release func??.Can me join this mega event with that mega event??

i asked inputs from you and you are asking from me :).Tell me what is convinient for you?

yes.They do it every year.
search on it

August 21st: Indian Independence Day Parade
Location: Madison Avenue and 42nd Street through 29th Street, New York, NY
Date/Time: Sunday, August 21st, 12 noon onwards
East coast bloggers meet with indpendence day parade. sounds lot of fun.

ps: marupadiyum somberi thanam pattu en perai sara nnu potradhinga. appuram robbie marupadiyum en blog vanthu paarthu emathu poyira poraru. ;)
Senthil machhi! super idea aana naan vara mudiyaadhu, me going to pitt from 15 august till end of august, you guys enjoy!!
robbie illama east coast meet'a - NEVER...

but DC meet, yes :-D

robbie, ensoy pannu...
east coast meet sounds good.. NY is also a nice choice .. if not Aug atleast sometime before end of the year..
ethu pothuma :). ur the only on dc guy who is inrested in the meet.hmmm yosika vendiya vishayama irrukku

intrest shown by other area people seem to be less. THink we can have another DC bloggers meet.Maybe we can do one with Sriks audio release.
Can you smell jealousy out here? Or is it just me?? :-)
I am game ... But, definitely not on Aug 21st ... Bad day ;-)
Think t is because ur jealousy, not many response for the meet :).

Think we can do a dc bloggers meet part 2 itself.
Iam Ready...

Naanum en blog-la invite pottu iruken..if you are coming to NY,pl get in touch with me..
Thanks !!
There was no response fromt eh i change my plans....
Smoky-la oru camping poduvoma.. or cleveland pakkam edhavadhu oru island pakkam oru meet poduvoma... itl be cool that visiting any big places...
nice idea.Well not many people responded so i just left it there.Next meet for us will be at srikanths cd release function in spet i guess.maybe we can plan somehting later.Keep in touch.we will work out something
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