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Dhothi Vs Saree

Srivatsan started it, with his post "My Cultural Identity" and visithra followed it with "Embracing our culture" on why Indian men find it uncomfortable to wear their traditional wear.

I started answering visithra's post and kept on writing, so thought i will put it as a separate post.There are several reasons for tamilian men not sticking to the traditional attire.

First of all salwar kameez or churidhar is not a traditional indian wear or at least a tamilian wear. But most of the women folk have switched over to them. Why, simplify because of the ease and comfort. The same holds for men, Trousers are more comfortable.

Women folk don’t have a clue about dhothi’s. It is a time bomb, you have to be on a constant fear of when the dhothi’s is going to slip from your stomach. That too wearing the ever slipping polyster dhothi without a belt is extremely dangerous, a big risk taking.I would like to point out that ,it is under these constant threats and dangerous conditions that men folk wear the polyster dhothi’s on ceremonies.

The society has changed, it still accepts a women in saree as modern.But it does not accept a man in dhothi as modern.If a bunch of young girls are there and they see two guys one in the traditional dhothi and towel and other in levis jeans and adiddas shoes. who will they be attracted too?. But in a vice versa situation, the women in saree will get equal attention with one in jeans. And similarly in a software company or any other offices the saree or salwar is a dress code. Iam not sure whether a dhothi or a kurta is.

3) Beauty
Traditional women wear has changed with times, it has re invented itself so much.From the traditional heavy kanchevarams we have the light sarees with beautiful designs and wonderful array of accessories for that.If you are talking about dhothi, it has been the same since the day the first dhothi was made. There is only one color, WHITE. If that color changes it means either iam going to shabari malai or i have renounced worldly pleasures.Ok, even if i accept the only color available to me WHITE,Trying to attend a function in white shirt and white dhothi in itself is an adventure.Even if we escape the ever stagnant rain water/drainage water and pan spitting guys from the bus windows, within five minutes into the function there will be a stain somewhere, and it will become a thing to talk, worry and explain about.

Traditional tamilian dhothi's are plain & dull. We men switching over to wearing trousers was a silent revolution seeking color in our life. A courageous act by men suppressed for generations by the women folks who glitter in traditional dress, while their men folk get lost in the dull white sea of dhothi's. Now like women folks we also talk about our dresses.”Nice shirt, where did you get it machan? “. And the talk goes for a few minutes. Otherwise the answer will be simply “Co-optex / handicrafts / local store” and end of topic.

A woman does not take any risk in keeping the traditions alive.But men on the other hand show extreme valor and courage in wearing polyster dhothi’s to keep up our ceremonial traditions and rituals alive.Men Embrace their culture risking an Embarrassment to their culture.This one point is enough to show how men embrace their culture more then women.

So because of all these reasons only we poor men folks are forced to wear Trousers. Please understand it :).

veshti kattina pazhamnu solluvanga
enna panna,
plus enna madiri chinna iduppukaranukkyu veshti is a danger on the hip ;)
so i prefer trousers but will wear veshti for functions
good comparison.

regarding ur comments on my blog,
i was busy with my work. will be updating the blog over the weekend.
last comment was mine

vella vesthi + vella shattai = asarial vathi, mens traditioal dress hs come ot be associated with politicins, adu maranthitengala?
i wear vesthi at home largely because its easier to wash and dry, trousers na iron ellam pannum
Good Topic, Well said!!
hehehhehe senthil I donno what to coment - ungal adhengam puriyuthu - hehhehe
this was a good take on dress culture, senthil.

however, whenever I get a chance to go to temples here for some special occassions, I ensure that I wear dhotis. anyhow, I will get company from some of my friends... I will not be left alone. I always feel that it gives us a majestic look.

The same way Sarees give a charming look to ladies rather than the modern outfits.
This is really a nice post. I haven't read Visithra's post yet. About the lungies, it is best for the home use. When I had a skin problem, my doctor advised me to wear lungies at home! Well, at outside, it is always the best to wear trousers. As you said no fear of getting naked in the middle of the crowd! :-). In Kerala, youngsters perfer wearing mundus when going to Church on Sundays.
I wear veshti, coz i feel i am most comforable in it.
If you dont feel. You have all right to be that.

But what is illogical is when ppl say 'drop your identities to go with the world'.
What is the world??
why does somebody need to drop his identity??

This is called as Aping

I have put my comments on this issue in the parent blog. [Vatsan blog]
ghannu bhai,
ungallukku chinna iduppa?. ethellam yaaru ketta. Yerkanavey ungallukku female fans adhigam ayitanga.eppo entha statement vera.Watch out, you might have to face a bunch of girls who might wait outside your house and sing "Ingi idupazhagaaa.." :)

ok ok.

Ohh nenga dhothi iron panni poda mattingala?? :)

call me.

:) thanxs for understanding.

i agree

A detail explaination with Doctor suggestion was little too much :).But i understand what you mean.

I answered it in vatsan's blog.
ingi idupazhaga - senthil - ROTFL - hilarious !
Senthil, I have written in my personal tag that veshti is my preferred home-wear even in the US. But your post made for a good read.
Not true...

Not true... and absolutely not truee...

these are perceptions you hold at best...

You did an awesome job of keeping your veshti on the hip yesterday at the blogger meet. I wonder if you were wearing a belt... please clarify!! :P
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