Monday, July 11, 2005

DC bloggers meet

Atlast it happened.Last saturday we met at the SSV temple here.First thing first, I went straight to the canteen.I thought i will finish some snack before any of the other guys arrive.But mukund, ganesh and robbie were already there in the canteen.

I took bisi bela bath and sat with the guys.Then arvind,eashwar,shiva and raman joined us.i found shiva's face familiar, but he said he havn't seen me before and i left it there.Later while talking, i came to know that he also studied in anna university , same department & same year but different streams. Images of him standing before the department and lab all came back to me. Thought to myself, such a small world :)

The meeting was a laugh riot.As usual gannu bhai was the scape goat.It started with ganesh, and predominantly the target was set on and then it changed to me, arvind & robbie .But majority of the attacks were on ganesh, who as usual took them with his innocent smile.such a great sport he is.

We discused different topics, one topic i would like to share is the one of blogging and COMMENTS.We were discussing the ways to increase the comments in our blogs.some of the ideas that we thought would increas the comments

1)Do a post on rajini/kamal

2)If you want more posts that technique no 1).Do a post on rajini and go to the comment section and leave a anonymous post saying something bad about rajini.

3)We thought the best thing would be to switch over to a different blogger where its template for every post will have a default 15 comments.The 15 comments will be general comments like "hi good post","excellent post","Keep it up" etc.The first comment would be the 16th and the default number should be customizable, some members where talking about keeping 50 default comments :).

4)The ganesh formula. write a yourself go and leave multiple anonymous comments and people will argue over it.someone said that those multiple comments should take different sides.Say one like rajini is great and the other like kamal is great and rajini is not,after those 2 anonymous comments take rest and see the show,the fight will be taken care by the rest of the bloggers who visit the blog.Another sophesticated version was told by raman,who said that every blogger should become a anniyan in this case, he should become someone with a Multiple personality disorder and leave comments thinking himself as ambi,remo,anniyan etc.

some lighter moments followed those topics.

1)we were talking about some one's blog, think it was eashwar's.And

eashwar said, he started writing last year itself and then he stopped blogging for six month

some one asked, "Why didn't you blog for 6 months?".

Robbie quipped, "He was waiting for the first comment".

2)Robbie talking about the pain of waiting for the comments, narrated his own experience with the first comments.He once did a big post and was eagerly waiting for the comments.Nothing was comming,the comments was still showing '0'.After a while he saw one comment, he was so happy, he went and eagerly checked the comment.The commentor was none other than Ghannu bhai .Who in his usual style has left a message on the comment section.Which was something like "I have updated my blog, take a look and write your comments".Here, our poor robbie is eagerly waiting for comments on his well thought/well written post.But the first comment that he receives after a long time was one of another blogger, who first of all didn't comment anything substantial on his well written post and above that he is asking him to comment at his blog :).

We even coined a new meaning for the word pachaippas, "which is to do the damage first and then do the damage control".Here is how it came into existence.Ghannu bhai talking about colleges said "Actually pachaiappas used to be a rowdy college, now it is ok".Then he turned to me and asked."Senthil Did you study in pachaiappas?".Well Ghannu bhai asked that question with his usual innocence.But all the guys started laughing, just after finishing the sentence that it is a bad college, he asked me whether i studied there.Then he started doing his fire fighting with sentences like "What i meant was...","I didn't mean to say.." etc etc.But i was fumming like kaundamani in karagatakkaran."Enna pathu eppadra antha kelvi kekkallam?"

Well that was not the only time. Ghannu bhai did pachaiyappas style damages a few more times and some others also did it.So when ever someone does that , we will say why are u doing a pachaiyappas to him.That's how "pachaiyappas" a new term came into existence, thanxs to ganesh.

I had a hearty laugh.Iam smiling typing this.i had a great time.Not just me,all of us had a great time.

Most of the guys who attended the meeting have written their own posts on it. Everybody in there own way.i thought i would write about one of the topic that we touched, COMMENTS. ROBBIE's has blogged about his thoughts on the various bloggers, I was almost flying in the sky reading the post.But he has cleaverly cornered me with it.Now he has forced me to become a gentleman and a nice guy.He has already made me change a little on something that even my parents where not able to do in all these years.BTW don't forget to COMMENT in his blog :D.mukund, ganesh arvind & shiva also have there summary on the meet, do check them out to.

This is one of my most memorable posts ever.. I was laughing all the way..

And Btw, believe me.. I dint use any of those tactics to improve the no. of comments
the one with ganesh & robbie were too good.. laughable.

Ganesh, has mentiond that you will be posting pics.. didn't you take anything?
This is comment number 18. Good to know that u guys had fun.

Good post
Keep it up
Excellent post
Senthil - the post is hilarious.. I was laughing all the way remembering the discussions..
I am glad that I "CORNERED" you coz otherwise I wouldnt have got to read this wonderful essay on our meet. Awesome brother!!
Lol, UR take on the comments is totally hilarious.
iam glad .well if u need to improve the comment section part, contact ganesh :).

sorry we didn't take any pics.other than ganesh nobody brought their camera and i think ganesh totally forgot about it.

you good have put those generic comments as seperate ones, the numbers would have increased :).

i was all smiles typing it :)

iam glad buddy :)

thanxs :)

Senthil is your brother ? Indha style engayo kaeta madhiri irukke ;)


This is the official M.O.M for the meet ! bayangara details ponga... ;)
Am not a smiley face on monday mornings, but your post sure made me laugh. was real nice to read abt the discussions, esp the one on 'comments'.
adira sakkai adira sakkai!!
senthil nalla round robin velayadiacchu ;)
pavam makkal photos photosnu sutha vacchittom,

I sent you a mail with our divine pics, check it out

Ram c next time marakkama edukkarom sir
Neenga dhan unga profilea cutena unga chinna vasu padam pottuirukeenga ;)
neenga anna university ya !!!!
Mee too ....2001 pass out ....from ECE department !!!!
Senthil, while we all enjoyed the fun directly, you did an excellent job of capturing snippets of the conversation and other humor that we were all privy to, in your post so that the entire blogosphere could be happy knowing what we discussed. You really implemented the proverb "yaam pettra inbham peruga ivvaiyagam" :-)
arvind,magic lens,ganesh,thennavan
thanxs :)

juniora neenga.We might have seen each other.
senthil ,
neenga entha varusham pass out ..pic iruntha anupunga .....

College la yethavathu CUP vangi irukeengala ....I was close in my 4 th semester ,thankfully ,escaped to a 'D" grade ...
brothera erukka koodatha! hmm! edhukkelaam ganesh kitte kekka mudiyuma? hahaa!
Bottom line , after reading all you DC Desis.! All of you had fun.! Got to know each other..!

That is great..!! I wish we could do this in the Bay area. SF oneday.! Let's see.!
lol!! really enjoyed ur commentary. it was a welcome break from ur regular movie reviews.
Darn!!!I was at work that evening.Wish I could have come too.
yes you should do it in SF.
we will be having one again soon.try to join us then.
Hi Senthil: It was good fun to read this. Good camaraderie across many seas!
thanxs swahilya
ahhh u guys had lots of fun :)
Excellent recap of our meet. Puttu Puttu vetchuteenga. You brought out the core topic of our discussion - comments to the fore. Great work :-)

I had another hearty laugh recollecting our meet and reading your blog.
yes we was fun :)
All DC Bloggers,

I'm Anand, a rookie in your blogosphere that lives in Rockville. Take a peek at my blog and let me know if I even deserve a comment for the stuff I've posting..

Hope to hear from y'all..
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