Sunday, July 03, 2005

contact arvind for more information.

That logo and presentation are good, Senthil. Looks like well publicised meet.
thanxs ram
Senthil, I just relayed this info over at Arvind's post regarding this and have also left comments at Ganesh's and Raman's blogs. I will probably call you before the meet and talk to you. Take care.
I will post the same in my blog too
Updated the blog :-) Nice design !
thanxs guys.I first thought of adding an aishwarya pic next to it to attract more bloggers :).but dropped the idea later.

Alright it is all set then.
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adding Ash's pic would have made people sit at home and **** off hahahaha!
grrrrrrr....ok. my mistake. what i meant was, i thought of putting aish photo and telling that she might attend our DCBM ;) to attract the crowd.Athukkula....
Great logo for the meet! Looking forward to meeting all ya guys there.

And as far as having a celebrity babe at the meet goes, as long as it is not Sada, I am game! :-)
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