Monday, July 25, 2005

Audio Blog

Thought i will also experiment with the audio blog.So here are some audio's related to todays post (Ankahee).

Song:kana kanum kangal rendu
film:agni satchi
singer:the awesome spb
music :MSV

I think everybody would have seen this song.The fears of saritha are visualized as a dancer dancing to some great music.For those who havn't seen it.It is is a comforting song, the husband comforts his wife who is someone having similar pshycological problems like Deepthi naval in aankahee.kumari uruvam, kuzhandhai vadivam (spb smile :)).... lines fits both the characters of aankahee and agni satchi.

music :IR

A simple song with beautiful music by IR.Kind of a meera bhajan.The telugu version of this song won s.janki the national award in 1984.

singer:pt.Bhimsen Joshi
music :Jaidev


I did not know you could mimic so well. Poor Ganesh & Mukund, you are giving a run for their money with such good voice :P
irunthallum konjam kusumbu adhigam than unnakku :).
Hey Sen, it was nice to listen to the 'Doorathil' song. Love that song both tamil and telugu version. Classic...aint it?
I liked the SPB song very much. Nice song...
ml, is a classic.must for sj fans

yes offcourse.SPB rocks.not sure u understood the lyrics.The lyrics are also nic ein this song.
thoorathil song is just awesome
kanA kAnum...
its a great song , displays Msv's melody strength.
Good selection of songs, kana kanum being the my fav in this.
yes it is.
yep, msv's forte, wish there are more of those simple yet melodious songs nowadays.

Nizhalgal Song amazing. Go On audio blogging
naan enna baa solarathu, subbbbber mimicry machhi. Edho nee review patthi edho audio blog pannuvennu nenaicha... mm SPB madhiri mimicry panni kalakkita machhi subbbbbberrrrrrrr
Thanxs da,
u know iam a man of many talents :)

Now you ARE thinking along my lines or you dont read Senthil's comments either :P
Hmm.. all audio bloggers... why is that iam not able to see any links to the songs in senthil's post...iam new to blogging..i see lots of junta talking abt audioblog..i tried registering for it..but it asks for some phone number in US.. Is there any soul who has tried to create an id from india (audioblog) it free or charged !! ;-)..

Kana kaanum Kangal a beautiful song .. saritha and sivakumar at their best..great artists...and uniquely picturised by the director.. SPB would have freaked out in Msv's tunes...

thanxs for stopping by.Are u seeing the link now?.audioblogger is by phone only.try you should be able to do with that.
Good selection of songs! 'Doorathil' is from Nizhalgal-a?

BTW, even before listening to the songs, I came to check out the comments section. Seeing Arvind's comments went on to check out the songs and boy, was I disappointed(!!) to hear SPB, SJ!!! LOL!
yep doorathil is from nizhalgal.i have mentioned there that it is a song that is not in the movie, only in tape.It is one of the fav of sj.

Nalla Pada therincha naney padi iruka mateena :).Beleive me you would have been disappointed a lot, if i would hav esung :)
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