Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Arun mozhi

I thought i will fully utilise the trial period of my audio blogger.So here are some songs.This time it is the songs of one of the under rated singers of tamil film music, Arun mozhi.Arun mozhi has sung some nice songs for Illayaraja.He is actually a flutist in IR's orchestra.He started singing one or two songs, got noticed mainly for his songs in kamal's surasamharam.He was singing on and off for one are two songs every year.Later during a time period he used to regularly sing for actor Parthiban.

He is one of the few singers with good diction in tamil film music.He sings those mid range breezy songs, which are not flashy but slowly grows in you.Feel light, enjoy this simple and velvetty voice.

song:odai kuil oru
film:thalattu paadavaa
Think this is probabaly the first IR/Parthiban?arunmozhi combination movie.This movie has some more nice songs from arun.The song at places gives you the feel of the telugu song "Om namo namo" from surya IPS

Film:pondatti thevai
Song:aararo pattu pada
I love this song a beautiful combination of voices.chithra and arun.Chithra mesmarises with the starting humming.The song is sung by aswini who is parthiban's lover in this movie.She comforts parthiban who is sentimental about his mother.The beautiful voice of chithra is broken by arunmozhi, the voice does not start at the end of a line.It kind of starts in the middle and takes over the whole stanza.

film:kavithai padum alaigal

one of his oldest song, this was a movie taken by pachaiyappas students.Acted by obsure peoples.The movie has some beautiful songs by IR.I still remember the posters, the posters wont have anything other than the image of IR :).

song:punnai vana poonguiley

Another obscure movie which has nothign important than 2 beautiful songs by IR.The other song is "Semmenney semmeney" by jayachandran.

song:vaasa karuvepillaey

film:thanthuvittaen ennai


No comments needed for IR. Right? Also this guy sounds like SPB. Nice singing.
I dont think i've heard any of these songs b4 though i've heard a lot abt the singer. Thanks for all the links, i'd call it "soundtrack' for my day :))
Arummozhi/Napolean ?!
He is a very good flutist.
Singing is decent, as you said midrange voice :)
my favourite song of his is 'Naan Enbuthu ' from Soorasamharam
glad u guys enjoyed it.
mmm paatu ellam nalla thaan irukku

try audioblogger.com which is free (atleast for now).

kathaikku thaniya blog create pannitinga pola
thanxs sara,
Audioblogger is only to upload voice from cell phone so can't do songs.

yes yes.
senthil: ada paavi! edhu enna paata pottu side business nadathara? mm? audio blogla 7 days freenna paisa vasoola? anyway I am gonna sleep listening to these songs now! thanks for the piracy:P
btw saravana sarannu kooptu ennoda curiositya kelaritte :P
Dude can't download with this one.Or atleast that's what iam thinking.
Is there any way to download "aaraaro paatu pada" song?
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