Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Which character's to enter??

If you mean capital or lower case, I'm bemused by the same thing. Only thing to do is have a go and try again if necessary.
You should be typing the black ones (guess you would have don that..)

technology's idea is to simplify things.. but many use technology to complicate things.
Umm, the C's are confusing.! I think it should be c,C,c

All the black ones 'a m c C c'.

keerthi u r right.

Had to type the 'c' at the front and back and the hidden one :).All the c are different size.ok one is capital and the other is small, I was wondering what is the one that has an in between size ??.

I hope they will come up with some other idea to stop the robots rather than making it hard even for human's to recognize it.
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