Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What song is it??

Today voice of music, one of my blog readers sent me a link to this kannada movie saying that it has the kannada version of the tamil song, i have in the "Iam humming" section.He somehow mistook the nooravathu naal version of vizhiyiley with vizhiyiley of bhuvana oru kelvi kurri.I started hearing the songs from the kannada movie.I heard the songs from the movie geetha SPB and SJ playing around in the songs,he made my day.It had some of the famous tamil songs in kannada version and few others songs.

Click here to here the kannada movie geetha.

some of the songs

Jotheyali Jothe Jotheyali
is vizhiyiley in

Kelade Nimageega
is devadhai illam devi in

Nanna Jeeva Neenu
Devan Thantha Veenai in

The other songs sound familiar.but iam not able to identify them.help anybody??


If u want to read sample scripts from popular Hollywood movies ...
thanxs ramki...
Your various blogs are very entertaining and well presented. The list of movies (alternate movies) are indeed well documented. The pics of the dark clouds and the sea gull and the snow in Washington DC are indeed superb!
Though, I felt I do need to throw more light on one aspect here. IR had composed the music for the movie Geetha in 1981. Whereas the movies that u have listed came later! IR infact has used a lot of music that he composed for Kannada Songs in various Tamil and Telugu movies!
dear fellow IR fan,

guess u've got to take some lessons on IR's music in kannada. This seems to be an issue with most IR TFM fans, who seem to be not knowing much of Non-TFM IR music.

The entire album of Geeta was composed in 1 day by IR" - said the late genius Shankar Nag (also director of Geeta, Janmajanmada anubandha and Accident - all had music by IR) - if his name rings a bell, u must have seen "Malgudi Days".

I don't think you'd claim that songs of Geetanjali(telugu) and Sagara sangamam(telugu) were "telugu versions" of "idayattai tiruDadai" and "salangai oli"

other instances of IR using his kannada tunes in TFM are "yaarigaagi nOTa yaarigaaga ATa" - a superb rock song by SJ from bharjari bETe (1983 release) in anda oru nimiDam

and the entire album "nammoora mandaara hoove" (1996 release)

flashes of his bass guitar usage in nee nanna gellalaare (1981) can be heard in "madai thiranthu" (another similar rock song from the golden era early 80s IR)

every song of geeta (1981/82) is a classic and are among the most requested songs on our radio station (www.kannadaaudio.net)
will keep you in mind the next time we air a special on IR's kannada songs :)

All i said was kannada version of tamil song, meaning the same song in kannada.I didn't say any thing about which came first.Anyways thanxs for the info, that was enlightening.Please do stop by and give ur inputs...
thanxs :).guess u would have read my reply to sri.I dont care which version came first.I like them both :).
Awesome...I've been searching for the tamil version of Jotheyali...for about an year...cos it sounded so familiar...but cudn make out which song...thanks for posting :)
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