Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sourav jokes..

Sourav has carved a place for himself in the joke figures.Like a sardar jokes, sourav has his own set of jokes.Here are some that i got in a forwarded mail.

Q. What's sourav's favorite English movie?
A. Gone in 60 Seconds

Q. What's sourav's favorite Hindi movie?
A. AA Aab laut chalen.

Q. What's sourav's favorite song?
A. Ek pal ka Jeena ...... Phir to hai jana (Kaho na pyar hai)

Q. Whats sourav's favorite food?
A. Maggie (ofcourse.... He puts Maggie noodles in a pan before going to bat and he comes back just in time when it is ready)

Q. What did sourav say when he was asked, 'Why is it always necessary to wear protection(helmet)?"
A "Two minutes of fun can ruin your life otherwise."

Q. sourav teaching his daughter ABC....
A. A for Awkward bounce,
B for Bowled,
C for caught,
D for Dadagiri..........

Q. what is the similarity between 100 m dash and sourav's innings?
A. Both take same time to complete.

Q. Easiest way to get sourav out?
A. Just bowl to him .... He will get out anyway.

Q. How can sourav score century in cricket?
A. By bowling 10 overs........ he will give away 100 runs

Q. Which is the best team in the world?
A. India offcourse...... plays with 10 people (sourav cant bat, bowl or field) and still wins sometimes.

Q. What should sourav do after retirement?
A. Become catching coach ..... he offers best catches in the game of cricket.

Q. Why did sourav decide to donate his Bat?
A. He doesn't use it anyways.

Q. Who can beat sourav's record of 2 min at crease?
A. sourav himself if he can improve his running speed.

this is for your sourav jokes...

during the india-pakistan series, the famous song which was talked about, in our office was 'Pathukulae number onnu sollu...' from Vasoolraja, since his runs were single digits most of the time....
pathellam adhigam... anjukulley number onnu sollu would have been appropriate
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