Monday, June 20, 2005

Random notes on Anniyan

what do you do when your previous movie bombs at the box ofice?.
Take a movie on split personalities/Multiple personality disorder.Rajini did it, so does shankar.

Don't have a clue why it took so long to make this movie and why this big a budget?.

My thoughts on
How the money was spent?.

of the said 30/35 crores

5 crore - vikram

5 crore - shankhar

5 crore for making the movie

15/20 crores - k.ravichandran converted black money into white.

The movie seems to be made on a lesser budget than gentleman.The songs except rendakka didn't carry any shankar trademark, they where average. The film's high budget is just a hype.

Story=Indian+Gentle Man + Spider Man+ Super Man
oh i left sheldon's "Tell me your dreams"

plus points in the movie are
vivek and vikram.

Vikram like rajini looks good in all kind of costumes.He is just awesome in the model costumes.

A funny dialouge in the movie.vikram:"Hey baby cmon let's go and do yo-yo".

Shankhar again makes his mark in depicting goary violence and death scenes.He seems to be in a rush with many scenes.He is not taking time to let us sink in any kind of sad or happy feeling. Harris jeyaraj has spoiled so many scenes with bad bgm.

The movie is loaded with masala elements and its a telugu style tamil movie, which might run for a while.

Iakm yet to see anniyan - but i belive ur review on Anniyan was too short ....

Me too ..disappointed with themes of MPD ..I liked it in Alavandaan ,which dealt it in depth - Of course Kudaikkul Mazhai was another movie .

BUt all other movies made mockery of MPD is what i wld say ...

I saw Kaadhal movie this week end - excellent movie ,but spoilt by BGM of Joshua Sridhar !

But there were too many pluses in this movie .

1.In one single song ,Balaji would show the intensity of sandhya's family ...what kind of peopel they are .

2.Less focus on Murugan's family ,that was excellent again .

3.No vikraman style of all good ,no Bad ...They showed the reality :)

4.The way love develops is an absolute classic ..Sinc iam frm madurai ,i felt it very much .The dialect was perfect .

5.No Unnecessary item songs .

6.2 Villains - COunter point characters .Sandhay's father is rough and all violence .Her chitappa is an damn intelligent villain - It was completely consistent throughout the movie !

7.No overdoing of visuals - it was how it should be .


1.Music - very very mistmatching !!!
The movie didn't inspire me to write anything big about it ramki.that's why.

"Counter point characters ".Illayaraja fan apadingaratha proove panringa :).

Aproam TIS order panniyacha??

i will put this comment in kadhal post.
TIS innum order pannala ..there is abig hungama and confusion over my return really cld not plan if i shld buy it here or in India ....BUt yes ,iam planning to buy 5 Cds atleast
you shud be happy that Tamil movies are educating ppl abt split personalities/multiple personality disorder. ;)

Anniyan disappointed me. shankar's formula is simple, take a hot issue add some masala, songs and racy narration to make it a blockbuster. his earlier movies had gripping screenplay and viewers were able to identify themselves with the hero which is missing in anniyan. also songs was a big disappointment.

Budget for the movie shud be around 20 crores. but not as 15 crore suggested by you and 26.38 crore as claimed by ravichandran(
High budget is a ploy to get high price for their films. when Boys was released, there was a rumour that the movie's budget was estimated at 24 crores.

shankar shud take a break from his formula movies and try a different theme without much gloss and glamour .
5 CD's??

yeah u r right.Looks like shankhar is running out of ideas..He should tak a break and come out with something good.
Senthil ,
Budget la u have left out lot of things ....

1.Shankar's salary - 4 crores ( say )
2.Vikram's salary - 4 crores ( say )
3.Other actor /ACtresses combined - 2 crores
4.Harris Jeyearaj - 50 lakhs
5.Cost of the film - 3 crores ( surprising ,isn' it .But yes ,it will take for shankar's film - Amount of re-takes maximum in this film )
6.Othet techniciansd (stunt ,art ,camera,sound engineer ,editing ) - 1 crore
7.Sujatha - 25 Lakhs ( illaya pinna )
8.Advertistment -20 lakhs (?)
9.Recording of songs ( singers etc )
- 10 lakhs
10.Yana Gupta - 10 lakhs
11.Sets for songs ,scenes - 1 crore
11.Other expenses ( like shooting in airport ,basic infrastructure ,logistics ) - 6 crores ( definetely minimum ) .Remember the shooting went for 6-7 months
12.Background score - 40 lakhs ( The studios charge per hour basis .Harris did teh re-recording for 30 days )

so evalvu aachu ....23 crores
Are u an auditor ?? :)
Senthil ,
I felt ur review on Anniyan has left some critical points in this movie ( including - ves )

first flaws ....
1.Sadha unable to differentiate between Remo and Ambi !Pathetic it was

2.Sadha characterisation is not strong .How she falls for Remo is not all clear !

3.Anniyan appearing in public anfd not Prakash Raj not able to catch him .

4.People appreciating Anniyan for his murders openly !

OK - Now the + ves

1.Shankar has stressed the fact that everybody MPD to an extent - Exampel Sadha ,Prakash Raj .Sadha has that inner desire to have a romantic life and be loved a bit too much - Though it did not rfelect well .Same with Prakash Raj ,who keeps his feelings of 'wrath' inside and it personifies when he meets aniyan .

2.Vikram's ecellent acting in the last few scenes - JUst amazing !!But vikram has really struggled with Ambi !

3.CHaracterisation of AMbi is very much clear ! HIs controlled frustration for lawlessness and his own folloing of rules because of a child hood incident !

4,Photography was too amazing in this movie !

5.Time Freeze scenes were doen perfectly ,though it resembled matrix in few scenes !!

6.Plot ,confrontation was perfect in this movie .

I don't think Shankar wld have thought abt in the manner win which u have expressed ( Indian + gentleman + Spiderman + tell me ur dreams ) ..Neenga romba thaan degrade panreenga ....!!! Most of commercial movies will have this stuff .....SUthama commercial elements illatah parallel movies venna 100 % original a irukalam !
Anniyan is yet another commercial movie.I dont think there is much to analyse about it.

It is conceptually similar to indian and gentleman and offcourse the exaggerated alley fight scene showed anniyan jumping 2 floors to stick on the walls.

This movie could have still made as a commercial movie without the exaggerated fight scenes, both the fight in the alley and the martial arts house fights.

you know what is the problem.from now on many tamil movie with similar stunts will appear where shimbhu and dhanush will hit 1000 peoples and fly 4,5 floors high.

i liked your OK 1.point, intresting observation.

See i told that it is telugu style tamil movie.It is making more buisness in andhra than tamil nadu it seems.
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