Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More kannada songs

I knew only one good kannada song it was "Naguva Nayanna", i found it in one SPB albumn.Today wanted to see what movie it was from and found that it is from maniratnam's first movie "pallavi anupallavi".

I heard all the songs from the movie.The songs have illayaraja written all over it.Reminds you of so many of his late 70's songs.Apart from "Naguva nayana" i liked "Oh premi".It sounds so familiar, is there a tamil version of this song??. dont know.
check out the songs from Pallavi anupallavi here

Voice sent me links to the kannada verison of the chandra mukhi song's.Looks like vidhyasagar has used the "Raa Raa" song done my the kannada MD gurukiran from apamithra for chandra mukhi,kannada version sounds better."Kanakanad" by Madhu Balakrishnan is also very good song.
listen to apamithra here

supera irrukyu unga blogin puthu vadivam
Why this sudden attraction for Kannada songs??
ganesh sir,

Voice on of my blog reader sent me a link to a kannada song and checked out one movie that i knew.That's all.
There is a good Kannada number by SPB:

idhey naadu idhey baashe
endhendu nammagaagidalli

endhu hiralli egey hiralli
kannadave namma husiralli

(dunno if I spelled it right)
r u talking about this one.

Reminds me of a saranam of old MGR song."thaillamal naan illai".

"Jeeva nadhiyai varuvall, en dagham therthu magizhvall".
I wanted to listen to the song 'thennavan' is talkin abt.Couldnt locate it in MIO's site. Sen, the link u posted leads to a blank page...could u paste the link again pls?
Voice :))
the link is right.let me give u the URI that follows

make sure it ends with movie_name.3007/
thank u senthil for choosing that song "naguva nayana".i am searching
for that song from past 2 weeks,i couldnot locate that song in any website.that is my hearty song.
once again thank u very much,
you are welcome sir :)
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