Thursday, June 09, 2005

More Dileep movies

As usual all clean movies with varying dose of comedy.


Another dileep movie, which like many movies started differently but ended with an usual climax.Dileep stabs kalabhavam mani and escapes to pandavapuram.A place situated in the border of karnataka and andhra.I dont know where this place is.It seems to have been a place frozen in time.Falls in love with meera , solves all problems by killing the villian and walks into sunset.

Highlights of the movie are meera jasmin, music, and comedy.A must for all meera jasmin fans.She is this innocent girl who grows up in a brothel.She has given a nice performance.A lovable childish girl who you will fall in love with.I saw shyam benegal's "MANDI" after a week and realised where the idea of this character was born.This is the same character that smitha patel plays in Mandi.

Bindu Panicker who comes in usual roles of elder sister or siter in law character plays the role of the brothel head(shabna azmi's role in Mandi) and has given a nice performance.She won the best supporting actress kerala film critics award in 2002

The movie has some awesome songs inclding SPB's Dharshan paye.check out the songs here.Music by Raveendran master.

C.I.D Moosa

Heavy dose of comedy.Dileep plays the role of a very lucky private detective.This movie has another nice SPB song.Aashish vidhyarthi is a tamil speaking bad cop and has given a good performance.

Punjabi House
A very good dose of comedy.Dileep who has too many loans , attempts suicide.But is saved and he is made to act as a dumb person in a sardar's house.Falls in love with mohini who is also dumb, solves a love triangle problem and all ends well.

Music is by Suresh peters.The movie has a few good songs.

A joke from the movie

Lender : what happened to my money?

Dileep: I invested them in silk production.I planted mulberry trees to grow silk worms on them.

Lender:Then what happened?

Dileep Shows the leaf less sticky plants and says, But Worms bigger than the silk ones came and ate the leaves.


The original of perazhagan.As it was remade by the same director.It is pretty much frame to frame.Except for the fact there are 2 different heorines rather than 2 jothika's.I felt dileep's comedy timings were little better than that of surya's other than that there performance were almost the same.

Ee puzhayum Kadanu(1996)
The story is more and the comedy tracks are little less.nothing great about the movie.

There is a scene where dileep and manju varier travel in the same bus.The conductor who has to give change to both of them gives 5 rs and asks them to split.NOt able to find change in many stores, manju buys a cigarette and gives it to dileep.Does it remind of any other tamil movie??.Just this scene, otherwise no similarities between the movies.

SPB fans shouldn't miss these 2 songs.
via tfmpage

Listen Dharshan Paye
An awesome number.As usual he rocks, this time in hindustani style.KJJ sings the malayalam version of the song Madhu Mai .SPB version is clearly above KJJ's.In the movie the song starts with the spb version darshan paye and then KJJ version takes over after the first pallavi.discuss the song here in dhool

CID Moosa
Listen to Maine pyar kiya.
Dileep who loves this marwari girl tries to impress her by singing a hindi song.He sees lot of hindi movie posters and makes a song with the titles of hindi movies.As this is a fun song, SPB has done a lot of improvisations.

off-topic: Senthil, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi has been released on dvd in the US. Don't miss it. It's an absolutely fantastic film!
vijays i know.It got released like 3 weeks before itself.I pestered my rental guy so much that, he gave me the first copy to me :).I have been seeing so many good movies that iam not getting time to write a review for it :(.Will do it soon.
senthil chetta

endha idhu ?

pinne kanaam
Thanks for all the links and making a SPB fan happy. I am also a big fan of Malayalam movies.

Thanks for the reviews.

I am watching SAPHALAM - starring Bala Chandra Menon. Great movie.!
Et tu, narayanan :).Glad you liked it.
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