Friday, June 17, 2005

Know the Jnanpith

I was wondering about the JK site right.Well P sivakumar himself has given the link to the JK site. Check it out here

If you still havn't stumbled upon this great writer.Please do so.For all the people who are experimenting with short stories in there blogs.He is a must.Better to download the tamil font and read in tamil.For others there is english version available(click the english translations link at the top).When reading remember this was written on a different time period, when people's morality was different.But in many cases what is told in the story still holds good.

senthilu we are planning for dc bloggers meet
are you in for the game?
evening call pannu pesi nalachu
(koncham orumai eduthukeren thapa eduthukatha pa)
senthil ,
I love his stories .Project madurai website has three pdfs which has around 20 of his short stories ...

Yes ,soem of them are bit oudated in relevance but still fresh in thought !
ok no problemo.let's talk in the evening.

yes they are still fresh in thought.enna achu no new stories from you??
Sen, after i read your blog abt the writer i wanted to read some of his works, thank you for the link to his stories.
I didnt know about this writer untill he became the 'big news', the more i read about him the more i wanted to get to know his works...
well, better late than never. Thankz again

Voice :))
iam glad atleast i intrested one person to read about him :).
Senthil ,
I thought i can first read about few script writing books and then write .I am reading two intresting books Film Making by Tom Holden and Screenplay by Syd Field - Very nice books .

Voice ,
u can download jayankantan short stories from project madurai site ( search in google as project madurai and install murasu font )
-These are legal copies ,authorised by JK itself !
enna short storties lerunthu dire cta screenplaya ?? :).Ok i can see where u r heading :).
Sen, i've been reading the JK stories frm that weblink...and searching for more.

ramki...ty for the suggestion. But i cant read tamil script, so am left with only one option to search for translated versions of JK's work.

Voice :))
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