Tuesday, June 14, 2005


On my previous post on Jnanpith for jeyaganthan,I was wondering what happened to Mr.pksivakumar who had this great site on jeyakanthan.yesterday i incidentally stumbled upon his blogspot http://pksivakumar.blogspot.com/. It has lot of info on jeyakanthan.

He has uploaded the video of the jeyaganthan Jnanpith felicitation programme .

check out his posts

This post has the video of K.Balachander's speech

This post has video of Illayaraja speech

This post has the literary giant himself.

snipet of jk's talk in the madras book club felicitation funciton.

A beautiful post by suresh kannan on his reaction to JK receiving the award.

My pen is my God by p.raja


Thanks for this post.

Jayakanthan website can be found now at http://jayakanthan.anyindian.com

Thanks and regards, PK Sivakumar
thanxs shiva kumar
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