Monday, June 27, 2005

80's women characters

I have been seeing lot of good movies lately. Thought i would write about some of those great movies. This week iam going to write about the movies that came in the early 80's.India saw the raise of New wave of cinema in the mid 70's with shyam benegal making some great movies.It was at its peak in the early 80's,with many new faces coming to make realistic movies.Off the movies of the early 80's iam going to focus on movies which had women as the central characters. Many of the women character in these movies where very different from the main stream heroines of that time period. And many of them broke the conventions that a women character is supposed to follow in those time periods. For starters let me start with a not so hard hitting movie, Umrao Jaan

Actually off-topic.
I have been seeing lot of good movies lately.
This is what I felt when I first visited your blog. That you have plunged into (serious-)movie-watching big-time only of late; and more so, in case of non-tamil movies. I felt this way by seeing the way you were/are devouring on all possibly good movies!!
I suppose I am right... ?? Just curious.
Not really.I didn't write about them before.After seeing all the comments of some passionate kamal fans.Thought the only way to let people know that he is just another commercial film hero is by making people aware of the fact that there are some awesome indian movies and actor/actress out there.

More so in non tamil because of the availability of DVD.:)
By 'of late', I dint mean a couple of weeks or so, but a year or so. This was just an observation from ur posts. Never mind.
My observation about non-tamil movies was that, ur plunge was late in them and not the otherway round. Its quite obv that u must have watched tamil movies since ur childhood.
The non-availability of DVDs is only the case of very few tamil movies as the parallel movies in tamil themselves are very less.
Yes you are right.I have been watching parallel movies now and then(I bought ardh sathya DVD 3 yrs beofre).But noe i stumbled upon a treasure trove. Hence the plunge.Iam enjoying it :).
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