Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Which is your favourite?

checkout the songs in the links below.Which one is your favourite?.It is one of a kind song for KJJ.I have never heard him sing a song like that before.

Ashogan was released in 1992. But as it was a dubbed version of the malayalam movie yodha it was completely ignored.The padakali song is an awesome number.In malaylam it was sung by M.G.Sree kumar and KJJ.

when they decided to do the songs for the tamil version.They asked GOD, and GOD said why two singers.I will take care of both the voices.And there is Omgary Baggavathy by SPB.Well i dont have to say anything about the SPB's modified 2nd voice, only he can do it.But i guess he was more concentrated on the modified voice that he let the regular one slip a little.Comparitively KJJ's voice control is awesome, KJJ does not do numbers like this usually as it is SPB's forte.But here he takes on SPB on his playground.Check out the difference in the end of the song when SPB slips a little at the end of the lines

thanai thalaivanai,
mannan thalai than magudam sudum ada... lines. Where as KJJ is in firm grips.

Omgary Paggavathy - SPB - Ashogan

Pada Kali - KJJ -Yodha

For me,
GOD has always been Yesu! (pun unintended :))
For me god has always been Subramanium :).
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