Friday, May 27, 2005


Yesterday, saw Guru Dutt's Pyaasa to see what was great about the movie that was listed in the times top 100.To take a movie like that in 1957 is really great.But watching it now, i felt it boring.The movie turned intresting at the end , till then it was just depressing.

Pyaasa((Thirsty) is based on the novel Srikanta by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhya.The movie is the story of a poet Vijay (Guru Dutt) who's talents are not recognized by the world.His family and the society dismisses him as vagabond.He meets a prostitute Gulabo (Waheeda Rehman) who likes his poems,her like for his poems later turns into a love for him.He also meets his old love Meena (Mala Sinha) who dumped him for a rich publisher Ghosh (Rehman).Vijay gives his coat to a begger who dies in a train accident, because of the coat people think it is vijay who is dead.Gulabo gets vijays poems printed and he becomes famous overnight.

All the people who disowned him, now contact the publishing company to get their share of profits.Hospitalized vijay comes to know that his books got published.But nobody beleives that he is vijay and he is put into a mental asylum.His relatives and friends refuse to identify him as vijay.later he escapes the asylum and goes public once again all the peoples who disowned him come to take part in his glory.But vijay tells in the public meeting that he is not vijay.Later he goes to gulabo and walks into sunset with her.

There is a parallel to the movie and guru dutt's personal life.He committed suicide 7 yrs after the movie.He was 41 at that time and supposedly people recognized his genuisness only after his death.

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Hi Senthil:

You are on camera at Chennai Central's weekend post (sorry to use a canned comment for all the bloggers for informing about that post since I don't have time to write individually to each). That post itself was many hours in the making :-)
i notice you clearly made sure there was no mention of Nayagan. Of course as far as you are concerned Kamal is crap, Nayagan is crap, and Oscars are far better than anything else. Kamal can't prefer anything because he has no right and Kamal is a overacting fool.
I suppose you could act better, make better films and win more awards!
Good luck
Seeya in hell!
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